in the homeland

Back in WA!  YaY!

First off, I am loving the weather!  I don’t even think the high was 73* today.  It was awesome!

Second, last night we all boarded the plane and were sitting there, ready to go.  Then the flight attendant got on the speaker and told not of us to panic.  You know, when someone tells me this, I don’t believe them and think it’s an indication that I should indeed PANIC!  Sure enough there was a fire in one of the engines.  I know, crazy right?!  A FIRE IN ONE OF THE ENGINES!  I have never seen a group of passengers get off of a plane so quickly!  Thankfully, they found us a new plane and we were only an hour delayed.  I was fairly impressed.

As we were boarding the next plane, I got down to by the door to get on and sitting on the little computer/gadget thing (I really have no idea what it is) was this dude:


Either he was looking to the skies to ask how all of this could happen or he was bowing down to me.  I took a picture though because no one else seemed to notice him and it really cracked me up!

I’m looking forward to running tomorrow in this runner friendly weather!  Oh yeah and this is how I pack:


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