sunday things that are rattling around my brain

My sister called me the last day I was home and wanted to cook me “my last meal home”.  What did I want for dinner?  I didn’t know – I told her to pick.  She told me she would pick something really garlic-y.  I don’t do garlic real well.  My body doesn’t seem to process it and I smell like garlic for days.  I don’t do “being the stinky kid in class”.  My mom made sure of this and all of us are a bit neurotic about it.  This neurosis is being passed to the next generation – we are a smelly-good family!  I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon!

this will never be us

What did I pick?  I had a menu epiphany!  Grilled flank steak – thanks dad!, mac & cheese and asparagus.  Super tasty!  Heid also made a little sauce of browned butter, soy sauce and balsamic (maybe this is more of a reduction?).  I want to bathe in this sauce!  It was light, tasted mostly of balsamic and would probably taste good on ANYTHING!

Kev and Sabrina played some of their tunes that are popular in France right now.  The same artist remixes all of the songs but has different artists sing them.  Kev sent me all of their playlists and they are amazing!

Last night I didn’t want to get off the couch.  It’s been an exhausting last two and half weeks and we are only gearing up for a typical crazy August.  Finally, I pep-talked my way into a 5 mile walk.  I’ve started to realize I’m good at putting things off (ADD?  My own weirdness?) and my answer to this are MIND GAMES!

I’ll probably be using this gif again…

For instance, when I want coffee in the morning, I have to do any dishes that are in the sink.  When it’s time to run or work out, I tell myself a shorter distance (a highly recommended technique!) and then end up out there longer.  I also tell myself as soon as I get back I can do something fun (yes, this includes hanging out on the couch and watching New Girl!).  Slowly, it’s starting to work.  I read some meme a bit ago that talked about how good habits are as easy to make as bad habits.  Not quite sure I believe this since often times the “bad” habits seem to take less effort and are more fun but hey, what I do I know?

this is how my good habits and bad habits interact with each other

I found the funniest cards at a small store.  My favorite one read, “I just joined Hoarder’s Anonymous.  I got this card for you.  Keep it forever”.  I started laughing so hard and honestly, I can’t make up my mind whether to frame it or send it to someone.  Yes, my problems run deep.

oh look, this house is VOMITING stuff!

I don’t have too much else for this random post.  Although, here’s a nifty product – my sister pinned coconut flour tortillas.  I’m a giant fan of tortillas but the lowest calorie count I’ve been able to find (that I still like) are 110 calories.  These babies clock in at 46!  Sweet!  I need to do the taste test but these bad boys already have a leg up on the others.

Hope it’s a restful Sunday for y’all!

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