I have thoughts – hear me roar!

*Maybe just talking excitedly is a better description

On Sunday I woke up and knew instantly that not only was I not feeling well, it might result in having to see my doc.  I was disappointed and started stuffing pills down my throat in hopes these natural “cures” would take of it.


I called my doc on Monday to beg for antibiotics… over the phone.  Yep, apparently they don’t do that.  But she did work with me so I did some quickie testing and antibiotics were be in my system Tuesday evening.  I am eternally grateful.

yep – I ate lots of them

On Saturday I was frolicking in the grass with some friends’ little tykes.  All was well.  I started breaking out in hives all over my legs Sunday night and they culminated into a blotchy disaster.  They are getting better but are still driving me bonkers! today.  It’s been a bleak start to the week!

It got me thinking though… As I will mention a few hundred times, August is a BUSY month with work.  We are prepping for the students to come back and it seems like my to-do list is five miles long.  What led to my sickness (in part) was being super occupied with work and not taking care of myself.  Why?  Because I felt like I was to busy and placed my health on the back burner.  I looked around at my colleagues and you can see by their faces, they are doing the same.  (Droopy eyes, dark circles, yawning – just the whole sluggish look about them.)

tru dat’

This isn’t simply my department/job.  In my opinion this is common in most professions.  When we get busy with work or family or other obligations we put our health last.  It’s completely whackadoodle!  If we did pay more attention to our health, all of these other areas would BENEFIT!  All too often I hear people say (along with the voice in my own head) “I don’t have time to eat well, exercise, sleep, or relax (and not in front of the tv, actual real relaxation) because X, Y, and Z get in the way”.  All of which seem to take a higher priority over our health and well-being.

As you might be able to tell, these thoughts (and what I consider my own epiphanies) are what has led me to wanting to take the holistic health classes.  However, while I feel I will be able to help people, the help will only be to treat the symptoms, not necessarily impact the actual problem.  I get that our society has a “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” mentality along with a work, work, work coming first.  So, recognizing that working from home or flexible schedules or breaks for exercise/meditation may not be embraced by the workforce world.  But we need to do something.  Or try harder to bring attention to this important issue!

I will concede we are making baby step size progress.  Many businesses and companies hire outside wellness companies to come in and work with employees on overall wellness.  But as I stated above this is only treating the symptom and not getting to the root of the issue.  I don’t have all of the answers.  I am not exactly a role model of balance although I do want to get better!  So folks – how do you do it?  Heck, I don’t have a family and I still struggle!  I would love to hear the different ways you work to fit things in!

4 thoughts on “I have thoughts – hear me roar!

  1. I actually find that I get sick early Oct every year and just recently realized it’s because every September is my crazy month for back to school so I always let the rest of my routine and life slide and I pay for it come October. i haven’t come up with a fix for that yet.

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