running calms my inner crabby-cakes situation

Ugh – there isn’t going to be any consistency on here for the next couple of weeks!  Unfortunately, some priorities will have to shuffle a bit until I am back to a routine!  It still boggles my mind that I actually enjoy routine.  I went YEARS believing I hated it.  In fact, whenever someone would tell me how much they liked routine, I would say I didn’t and be silently judgy on their inflexible ways.

Oh yes, I am silly.

Anyway, yesterday was spent bouncing around from one meeting to another.  Thankfully, it didn’t involve sitting in one room all day so this was a plus.  I got done at 10 minutes to 5 pm so I jetted down to Target (I only had two Chobani Flips left!) and by the time I got home it was almost 6 pm.  The couch was calling to me.

But I put groceries away and changed for a run right away.  First of all, it was approximately 66 degrees.  In August.  With a breeze.  To waste this would have been a runner’s sin!  Secondly, I was feeling all crabby.  I can usually tell when I need to run because it’s a special kind of crabbiness where I want to punch everyone but I don’t have a reason.  Then I want to punch them again.

My goal was to run 4 miles but I kept going.  I go through cycles where my running insecurities flare up and I keep thinking “I can no longer run X miles”.  Last night I paid no mind to this voice and ended up running 7 miles!  I was so happy and ended up kicking my running insecurities to the curb!  Still, I was surprised I was able to run this distance.  I had to partially walk two hills but other than that I made it.  I was happily surprised!

I got my couch time.  I put on my compression socks and even though I felt great when I got home a few minutes sitting and I realized I would be hurting today!  But I am crazy proud of myself.  Despite what my training plan says (it called for much longer runs a couple of weeks ago) I’ve been putting them off.  “I’m not ready,” “I’ll never be able to do that distance,” “It’s going to suck and I’ll have to walk the whole thing.”  Good thing I stopped thinking about it and just did it, eh?

So there you go.  Random 7 miles on a Tuesday while giving the negative nelly voice in my head the old heave-ho.

And now I need a nap.

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