I’m upbeat and exhausted – it’s totally possible

Yesterday I had four presentations.  And one of them, I had to give four times.  I was BEAT by the end of the day!  But the presentations went really well.

That’s what August is all about.  We are waste-deep in training and after this week students will start coming back for the new academic year.  Work is all-encompassing so I’ve been working to add a bit of balance/taking care of myself.

As I mentioned, this is typically the first thing I sacrifice when times get busy.  Even though I am aware this is an ill-fated practice, it’s almost like I can’t help it.  Or maybe it’s just that change is tough.  Whatever the reason, after my cycle of sickness, I’ve been paying more attention.  Here is what I’ve been working on:

1.  Taking small breaks during the day – these small breaks allow me to regroup.  I need to have a bit of alone time; it helps me to process whatever has led up to this point and allows me to take a deep breath so I’m not so caught up in the comings and goings of the workplace.

2.  Running – yes, there are still some ups and downs in the way of consistency!  Oh well, I’ve dropped my insecurities and now when I run it isn’t all angsty.  It’s simply fun… well, okay, it’s hard work!  But my mind is “at rest” during this time.  Winning!

3.  Laughing.  A lot.  My co-worker who is freakin’ hysterical keeps me entertained.  Last week there were two days where we didn’t see each other because we were crazy busy.  I certainly didn’t laugh as much during those two days.  I put him on notice that we couldn’t go two work days without seeing each other again.

it’s exactly like this

4.  Attitude – in one of my presentation today, I talked about how important attitude is.  It’s a good thing I heed my own words of wisdom!  Attitude can change everything and it’s definitely made me more open to laughing, to going for a run and to allowing myself those small breaks.  Attitude allows me to brush off the little work snafus that happen when everyone has a colossal work load.  It allows me to regroup faster, use my resources better and actually get out of bed in the morning.  My attitude isn’t always perfect but over the last couple of months I realized I don’t want to be bitter and unhappy.  There is so much more to life!  Sometimes it’s easier said then done but I won’t let happen stance or any one person, event, bad day determine this for me.

5.  Confidence – let’s hear three cheers for confidence!  I would interchange confidence with feeling more comfortable in my position and better embracing my role.  During all of the presentations these last few weeks, I’ve noticed I don’t have to have a script.  I can walk around the room, change course within the presentation and allow for my personality to come through.  I don’t have to be a robot relaying information, rather I can enjoy myself and bestow all of my MASSIVE amounts of knowledge to others!

yep, it feels this great!

My cycle of sickness is over and all I have left is this crazy itching issue.  Hmmm, that sounds gross.  I will be a bit sad if it is caused by anxiety/stressed because I thought I was making progress.  I feel I’ve eliminated everything I can think of as far as allergens, too.  I cleaned my air-conditioning unit (turned it off, wiped it down and sprayed the hell out of it with Lysol), washed all of my bedding and even my mattress in case mold spores invaded.  So hopefully, the above will ease some of this because I absolutely know stress isn’t HELPING!

Maybe spores have taken up residence elsewhere?  How do you get rid of mold spores in the air??  Need advice!

One thought on “I’m upbeat and exhausted – it’s totally possible

  1. That is a lot of presentations to give in one day. I would definitely need to give myself breather breaks from going crazy. It is great that you like your co-workers. I really only like one of mine which can make the j-o-b a drag. I really have about 1/2 of myself out the door anyways. :-)

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