15 thing friday… the exhausted edition

Whine, whine, whine, I’m so tired.  As a side note, when I was typing this, I accidentally typed, “wine, wine, wine” – nifty, eh?!  Which led me to this brilliant pic I found on pinterest:

oh wine, you have such GOOD ideas!
oh wine, you have such GOOD ideas!

Let’s continue with our intended purpose:

1.  I’ve mentioned a few times this summer how I want to save money.  During training it’s tough because suddenly I NEED everything.  In reality, I head to the store to get out and about a bit.  A bad habit.  Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot and trying to figure out how I’m going to build my savings (especially because I will be going to PARIS next summer!)

  • Eat at least two meals in the cafeteria – part of my compensation includes free food.  WHY!? am I not taking more advantage of this?  No idea…
  • Pay off my credit card – I’m almost done and it means keep plugging away at it.  It isn’t festive or very glamorous but I am looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment when this is paid off!
  • Keep making my own coffee – ridiculous how much money this is saving me because then I also don’t spend any money on the bagel, or the mcmuffin or whatever it is.
  • Set a grocery budget – this is an area where I splurge.  I’m not even sure why but I buy groceries that end up going to waste, sit in my cupboard or that I could have bought the cheaper version of.  This is going to be the hardest one!

2.  This is a GREAT buzzfeed!  Trader Joe’s why won’t you come to Kalamazoo, MI and help me with my above money saving (and stomach) desires!

3.  There is a really neat coffee shop in Kalamazoo.  I am not exactly sure how new it is but it’s called The Black Owl and they brew each cup for you personally.  It’s great!  Not to mention, very personable.  I know, does this go against my above?  Nope, I’ve been here once, it’s just cool.

4.  I gave a presentation on work/life balance this week to a bunch of college students.  It went really well and I love sharing my passion for this topic.  We talked about organizing and how this can look different for everyone.  I have a couple of links with great ideas even if there isn’t an ADD/ADHD diagnosis involved that I swear I will post soon!

I was even able to incorporate a trex!

5.  This cracked me up!

simplify6.  What are your go-to meals when you are tired and/or lazy?  Mine are Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats, peanut butter toast, frozen chicken patties (for a chicken burger) and naturally some kind of yogurt is mixed in there.  Oh wait – eggs.  This is what I’ve been eating for days.  Well, except for the eggs, I feel too tired to even make these.

7.  My last day off was the 4th of August.  My next one will be the weekend after Labor Day.  This is a yearly thing with my job and every year I say I will not fold!  I will run throughout!  Yep, this was the week that broke my resolve!  Oh well, I’ll jump back on

this is what my re-attack on running will look like

8.  I saw this cool board that talked about how to stay motivated.  One of the tips included writing down 3 things you want to get accomplished that day.  I found some notecards in my stash of stuff and wrote down my first three yesterday!  Running didn’t make it but the other two were completed!

9.  Someone was kind enough to write something about me!

words10.  I’ve been thinking of more ways to become environmentally responsible.  It’s not easy.  I love to commit to super BIG ideas but then it’s harder to stick with them.  A few items I’ve been successful at as of late are not using paper towels for everything.  Get this – I actually use a plate!  Hopefully, the water use doesn’t counteract this effort.  I drink out of a reusable water bottle and coffee cup and am looking into some resuable straws.  Some good old fashioned walking, washing my clothes in cold water, donating more and more and working on not buying what I won’t eat or need.  Oh!  And some meatless options!  Any tips for me?

11.  Harry Potter is fantastic.  I’m positive it helps my productivity.

12.  Great scott – 15 is a lot this week…

13.  Haha, this cracked me up and is from this buzzfeed:

funny14.  I know I am behind the times but are any of you familiar with “Catfish”?  I’ve seen lots of posts about it on facebook but was being too lazy to look it up.  So I texted one of my trusty buddies and he filled me in and oh man, it’s a doozy!

clearly has nothing to do with it but it made me laugh

Essentially, people who are in online relationships write into the show.  They explain how they have never met the person in real life because the person keeps making excuses.  So Mtv (yes, the genius behind shows that continuously bring our IQ points higher) investigates and finds the other person (insert dark and ominous tones).  I know – it can’t end well.

15.  I’m really trying hard to leave any crabbiness at my door.  After all, everyone I am working with (and on college campuses across the nation) are going through the same thing right now.  So  I’m spreading the love and cheer

But this is what I want to do (yes, with coffee in my hand)… to everyone

peace out friends

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