15 thing friday – there is a scary bug in here!

By the time I got home yesterday and settled, it was 6:30 pm.  It had been a long and emotional last half of the day.  Even though this post was finished, hitting publish seemed a lot more difficult than it was!  BUT!  I finally feel I can jump back into my routine.  Yay!  I also noticed Simon has chubbed out a bit since we moved to this new apartment last year (hey!  we have something in common!) so he has been put on a get fit plan as well.  He doesn’t seem as excited about it as I am but it will be good for him!

Here is what I’ve got for this week!

1.  I watched the movie, “Ghost and the Darkness” the other night.  Have you seen it?  It’s a great movie but Simon didn’t approve.  I was surprised since it’s all about his kin and all.  I guess even Simon thinks lions who go off the rails killing people is scary.  Or maybe because it’s based on a true story Simon was too overwhelmed.

maybe simon would have liked this version better
maybe simon would have liked this version better

2.  Buzzfeed list #1 that entertained me this week and here is another one!

3.  NEW RUNNING SHOES!  Man, opening the box with the pretty shoes made me ridiculously happy and brightened my morning.  These make me even happier than regular shoes.

4.  Do you meal plan?  I think I tried a few months ago and considering I don’t remember it, clearly it didn’t go very well.  For some reason, I struggle with the concept of meal planning for one.  So I don’t do it.  Then I come home at night and have no idea or much motivation to actually make a meal.  I eat cereal, or yogurt or whatever and continue to snack through the night.  It’s annoying.  Tips for meal planning for one or two?

5.  Didn’t know this but now it seems like obvious knowledge

cats glaring6.  Have you seen the new Febreeze that is lavender scented and meant to use on bedding?  A few years ago, someone gave me lavender scented spray for linens and at first I considered it silly.  Then I sprayed it on my pillow – such a luxury!  I visited Meagan last year and she had sprayed it on my pillow unbeknownst to me.  It was lovely.  The Febreeze brand is very nice and I do believe it helps with calming me down.  Here is also a recipe to make it on your own!  I probably wouldn’t add the rose scent since I find it pretty overpowering.

7.  Buddha knows some good wisdom

wisdome8.  It’s back to wearing my bite guard at night.  Boo.  Last week I fell asleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night my jaw was really hurting and kept hurting the whole next day.  Bad news.  Not to mention, if it messes up any dental work then my dentist won’t cover it.  As sexy as it is, it’s back to the bite guard until I’m less stressed and don’t attempt to grind my teeth down at night.

9.  hungry hungry hippos – gets a bit too real!

hungry hipposhaha, this CRACKED me up and this was my favorite game as a youngster!

10.  Did you see that a bill was passed so dog “breed specific” legislation can no longer be passed in towns/communities?  Regardless of your thoughts on our government, I think this is great.  And so does this pit bull

happy pitbull11.  I think this is one of my favorite gifs ever… yes, I am a HUGE Supernatural fan (here is a buzzfeed that agrees with me.  I mean, really Jensen?!  He makes my tummy feel all funny

12.  My friend and I were considering going in on a tandem bike.  We have both been getting grief about not owning bikes so I made this brilliant suggestion, partly in jest.  Now, I feel like I am a bit committed and I am worried for my physical well-being.  And my friend’s who I am bound to cause harm to as well!

13.  Since getting around campus during move in week is difficult, my department rents golf carts.  My co-worker and I get to share one.  What we both noticed was EVERYONE is happier on a golf cart!  It was a fairly scientific study if you ask me.  Other departments around campus also have golf carts for the week and we were all shouting “good morning!”, waving – heck, I even high-fived one guy!  Seriously, if we want to solve some of our world issues, golf carts are the way to go.  Oh and I made up an official golf cart ditty that I was singing when I almost tipped it over while driving.  I probably should have a helmet.

14.  I follow a woman on twitter and she posted she swam on her lunch break on Wednesday.  I find this idea very appealing buuut what about getting ready again?  I feel like I put this effort in only a few hours prior to ready myself for the day and now I am going to mess it all up and have to do it again.  I asked and she said she brought her gear with her and got ready afterward.  Again.  But no big deal and it was worth it for her.  Now, I find this idea even more tempting.  I do believe it would be highly refreshing and a solid way to take a break during the day that doesn’t include a nap.  I’m going to consider…

15.  Wow – I reached 15 a lot quicker this week.  In fact, it was so fast I went back up to see if I miscounted.  I mean, I know counting to 15 isn’t that difficult but after this week anything was possible.  My co-worker and I share a cubicle when we are both up in our main office area (we have separate offices in our direct supervision areas) and the other day I was essentially spouting gibberish.  It made sense in my own mind.  Then I almost drowned on a drink of water that ended up coming out of my nose and basically made me vomit.  People were only mildly concerned as my life flashed before my eyes – super great!

Oh – I was supposed to entertain you with a 15th thing!  Oops!  Okay, this week some of my peers were driving in their golf carts and some VERY large bugs started swarming around them.  To put it mildly they freaked.  This is what caused such a stir:

check out that arm/leg strength! It’s got a cicada in its grip and FLYING with it!
look at the size of this sucker! that’s a freaking QUARTER!

I KNOW!  It’s a big bubba!  These are called “cicada killer wasps” and they kill cicadas (yay wikipedia!).  Only the females have stingers so they are the hitman of the bunch.  The males go out and round the buggers up.  Now, the good part is they don’t hurt humans, which I for one, consider very nice of them.  Not to mention, what an amazing natural repellant to crops healthy!  They are a homely looking creature though and definitely seem to cause a good fright but hold on killing it since they are doing us a favor!

And now I will leave you with that image in your head – happy LONG weekend!

One thought on “15 thing friday – there is a scary bug in here!

  1. #4 – I’m trying to meal plan! I find it hard to come home and cook a meal for myself that’s worth the time and effort, but also something I have the energy to do. This sounds obvious, but I’m trying to get all the heavy-lifting cooking done in advance on the weekend, so all that’s involved during the week is putting everything all together and re-heating it or finishing off what needs to be done. My freezer is my best friend now. :)

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