dopey challenge excitement brewing!

This weekend is the Disneyland 1/2 marathon and the Dumbo Double Dare.  The Dumbo consists of a 10k on Saturday and 1/2 today.  It has gotten me ridiculously excited for my impending races and completing the Dopey Challenge!

this is the castle in disneyland but same difference!
this is the castle in disneyland but same difference!

I can’t believe I’ll be running through this again!  When I ran the marathon last Jan, seeing this as the sun came up was amazing.  It sparkled in a muted manner and then running through it gave me chills.  It reminded me of my mom who loved Disney so much.

At the same time excitement is setting in so is the fear.  48.6 miles in four days a lot.  I know people run 50 milers in ONE day but I never really imagined this would be me.  When I signed up, I knew it would be a challenge but now it’s setting in – SCARY!  In order to combat the fear, I decided to focus on what kind of costume I would wear!

dopey-running-costumeHere is a cute Dopey-inspired outfit that appeals to me.  I found it on According to Kelly.  By the way, she has some ROCKING ideas for Disney costumes.  All of them are adorable!  I also think purple compression socks would look cute with this.

Mulan is my favorite Disney movie.  Not to mention, I may need to internalize some of Mulan’s inspiration and strength during this race.  Here is the idea that Team Sparkle skirts put together

princess-mulan-running-costumeI’m just not sure this is Mulan-y enough.  I don’t think the outfit would automatically make people think of Mulan buuut, I still like it.

Then I started thinking about how nice characters are fun but VILLAINS are awesome!  Ursula popped in my head along with Malificent – who by the way scared the pants off of me as a youngster!  Here are the ideas for both of them

no cape though and maybe a crown on a black visor?
no cape though and maybe a crown on a black visor?
okay, obviously I wouldn't be busting out!
okay, obviously I wouldn’t be busting out!

With Ursula, I could add the tentacles to a purple sparkle skirt but then would it look enough like Ursula?  I don’t want to wear a wig – it was so hot last year!  Maybe with the black visor, I could add some weird Ursula like hair?

Wait!  I almost forgot – a pirate theme outfit!  Since my initials are ARG, I’ve always had a love affair with pirates (yep, this and the trex – I’m a strange bird)

I have some stripped compression socks already!
I have some stripped compression socks already!

I do want to be able to wear pieces of a costume more than once since that would get pretty expensive.  I also would love to wear a Minnie polka dot skirt (Kelly’s Minnie is adorable! it looks a bit different from the one above) for the 10k since this is “her” race and maybe the Dopey outfit for the marathon.  If I did the two villains, Dopey and Minnie that would be three skirts total, which wouldn’t be terrible.  Not to mention I could probably use black tanks twice… hmmm…

See how much fun denial is?!

Lastly, the medals were announced for January.  I will get all of these puppies except for the top left which is for another race.

Going for Goofy posted these
A Goofy facebook page posted these

Did I mention the bling was an incentive?!

Any running costume ideas for me?

There is also a really cute Snow White one that is still a possibility

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