random & a break from anything serious

Here are a few of my recent favorite “funnies”.  I appreciate them because they hit up my sometimes jaded side.  I can’t always find exactly what I am looking for to express myself, or the words for that matter and these fit perfectly.

Unfortunately this strikes close to home.  Fortunately, I think it’s ridiculously funny and think it’s important for those of us it applies to simply embrace it!  And laugh at ourselves!

funny boyfriendThen there is my communication style.  Somewhere along the line, I started paying less and less attention to my filter.  This is both dangerous and humorous!

sarcasm funnyI recently had a conversation with on of my guy friends about chocolate.  It was around 3 pm and I needed some BADLY.  I asked him, “doesn’t this happen to you as well?!”.  He responded, “umm… NO”.  Weird!

chocolate funnyI’m fairly certain the reason for this is the following:

man emotions funnyHaha, when I saw this it cracked me up!  I love teasing my man friends about how they DO have emotions and they should embrace them.  Then analyze them – over and over again.  With my help of course.

And last but not least, I’ve finally decided to admit that I am, indeed an emotional person.  It’s not my favorite quality about myself or at least it hasn’t been.  I took Strengths Quest about a month ago and one of mine had the emotional piece incorporated.  Emotional being a strength?  I never thought of it this way!  Now I want to!

emotional funnyI’m going to take over the world with my cute emotional self.

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