some running business

Yikes!  I had this post ready the other day but have been unable to hit publish because my computer has been in “remediation”.  This is essentially, detention for computers.  My network provider and I working together and I am hoping I can get everything figured out… we’ll see… I did add an extra nugget of info about my day at the bottom!

Thankfully, I am getting some of my running motivation back.  As I mentioned the other day, I am getting PUMPED for the Dopey Challenge.  I know there is a lot of work ahead of me and there is a part of me that’s scared to death.  The other part is looking forward to the challenge.

I did make a partial decision about Disney running costumes.  If all goes to plan and budgeting goes well, I am going to dress as Dopey for the 5k and marathon.  I like the symmetry of starting and ending this crazy venture with a costume that bears the challenge’s name.  I want to do the Minnie thing for the 10k and then either a pirate or Sully for the 1/2.

sullyWant to hear something ridiculous?  I am concerned I won’t be able to get all my blues/turquoises to match up!  Ha!  Silly…

Anyway, taking almost two weeks off from running set me back a bit.  Running on Saturday and Sunday nights sucked.  A lot.  I was sucking wind, legs were filled with lead and the humidity was thick.  I managed 3 miles and 4 miles respectively, however I walked a lot of those 4 miles.  UGLY.

I was not happy about this

Monday night, the weather was much more cooperative with my needs (thank you Mother Nature!) and I had high hopes delusions it would go much better than the first two.  Amazingly enough – it did!

I also tried out my Sauconys the other night.  Eh – I liked them but they didn’t feel as good as my Mizunos.  I went for the 8.5 and it felt like I was wearing clown feet.  I still have the 8’s so I’ll give those a whirl before shipping everything back.  We’ll see.

Completely unrelated, I rearranged my bedroom the other day!  When I changed my area rug in my living room, I stored the other one in my spare room.  I need the space and it dawned on me the old rug would work in my room.  I am not terribly concerned if the colors don’t all match up – I like the piece-y concept that ties all together in all of my decorating.  Matchy-match is not my style.

Not to mention, I furthered my de-hoarding mission.  I don’t like that I’ve been so wasteful and I’m keeping this at the forefront as I am making decisions.

Okay, back to running (ADD is kicking in big time lately!).  I did a lunch run today!  Indeed, 3.54 miles completed.  I was pretty pumped that I didn’t wimp out.  The weather was breezy and I was getting a migraine so I was hoping some exercise would help keep it at bay.  It didn’t and I nearly threw up at mile 1.22 but I finished so that’s all I care about.  Oh and I almost got hit by a car.  I was even following the walk/don’t walk sign and chicky in the car was not.

Happy Thursday everyone.  The longest week in the world is almost over!

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