being (sorta) smart is dumb

This week I wholeheartedly jumped back into running

Yesterday, I did 3.6 during lunch and then after work ran down to meet a friend for coffee.  I ran back home as well.  This equaled 8.12 miles for the day!  I was really excited.  I realized at this point that including the 5 from Monday, the 3.54 from Thursday at lunch and the 8.12 from yesterday I was already at 16.6.

I've been wearing this for inspiratation
I’ve been wearing this for inspiratation


There is a 5k on my agenda today and I wanted to run down to the start of the race.  Sunday I would round out the week with a few more miles for a total of 30!  I may have shot my fist to the sky in excitement.  Or acted like this

BUT my excitement was short lived as I realized my shin was bothering me more and more.  Then it didn’t stop hurting and bothered me all through the night.  During Monday’s run, my shin did start to feel a bit splinty but I took two days off and did some Tiger Tail-ing so I thought I was good to go.

Apparently not.

Currently, I’m sporting my compression socks (procompression are my favs) and icing the two areas that are nagging me.  I’m also fairly convinced running today would be a bad idea.  Oh and the 30 miles for the week?  Yeah, out the window.  Last Saturday was my first time back at it after taking two weeks off.  Prior to my mini running hiatus, I was probably at about 15-ish per week?  I’m guessing the ratio of 15 -> two weeks off–>7 miles–>30 miles is a really bad idea.

well, woman that is – but you get it

My new goal is wait and see how I feel today and make a decision about running the 5k today.  It officially starts at 3:30 so I have a bit of time.  Then I will take tomorrow off.  If I don’t run today then I’ll get those last few miles in tomorrow so I can have a 20 mile week.  Next week, I’ll go for 25 and then 30.  I will also add swimming back into the mix since I’ve been completely slacking on this.  Oh and I’m going to Tiger Tail, foam roll and stretch the ever-living daylights out of my legs!

Yes, I am bummed I can’t hit my 30 miles.  Running mojo seems to be on an upswing and I want to take advantage of it.  I mean, two lunch runs in a row?!  However, my leg (shin) is screaming, “OVERUSE!” so I’m attempting to use my brain.  Ugh, I don’t have any patience.  And using my brain is stupid.

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