I have no idea how many thing friday

I am bit crunched for time and barely came up with the energy to write this last night.  Lately, I feel simply too tired to do anything in the evening.  So I need to buck up and readjust my priorities.  Blogging over a never-ending stream of Supernatural for example.

kinda love these men
kinda love these men

Here is the list…

1.  Really, I could make every one of these start with “Friday.  That is all”.

2.  If you missed it, this was my tweet the other day, “I can’t wait for the humidity to end so I can starting whining about how cold it is”.


3.  Yesterday I used up a ton of my productivity reserves.  Luckily today I have a bunch of meetings and then volunteering for a work event so it will help ease the strain on said reserve.  I have to budget this you know

4.  Pinned this…

my kind of crazy

5.  Tomorrow morning I am doing the Peacock Strut.  This was the first 10k I ever did.  It was also the longest race I had completed at the time and I signed up without any friends so I was proud for going for it.  I’ve done it every year since.  I also ran my 10k PR here a few years ago with a 52 min and some change.  I need to do a longer run tomorrow so I signed up for the 10k and then 5k option.

***Pretend there is a picture here!  Oh and these race tees are my favorite

I’m not as speedy right now and the 5k starts an hour and 15 after the 10k.  I know I am going to be worried I won’t make the 5k start so I’ll probably start out like wild woman.  My goal is to control my pace… Yes, because I’m so good at this!

6.  I have perfected my cold coffee brewing technique.  After a number of cheese-cloth induced colossal messes, I finally found a really fine mesh strainer.  I don’t even need a cheese cloth anymore.  Look at me!  Environmentally responsible!  Invest in this type of strainer if you are addicted – it’s a bit smaller but it was only $7.  Worth it.

7.  My splinty shin seems to be recovering.  I am icing quite a bit in the evening and foam rolling/stretching well after running.  I need to start taking this more seriously if I want to continue to push myself.

8.  I found this SUPER helpful!  Especially cooking for one or two

I hope you can read this - I couldn't find the orginal source
I hope you can read this – I couldn’t find the original source

9.  Speaking of Supernatural, I found this buzzfeed ridiculously adorable.  Misha Collins is funny, smart, sweet and I think he should be my friend.  Be sure to watch the clip of him cooking with his son!

10.  Some Gonzaga love

gonzaga love

I have a pair of Gonzaga shorts that are quite big on me that I bought during my heavier years in college.  I recently found them and can’t stop wearing them.  A) they are wildly comfortable B) I like how they are big on me since it’s a nice reminder of how far I’ve come C) Love sporting some Gonzaga love

11.  A co-worker and I were talking about the whole concept of being “busy”.  A couple of months ago, I posted a meme about being busy:


I truly believe in this!  I also think it is part of our societal culture to compete for who is busier and being busier equals being more important.  I completely disagree with this sentiment and feel it’s leading to many of our health related issues.  Here is a great article that basically supports aspects of my point of view!

12.  Things I am addicted to as of late:  Diet 7up, coffee (okay not a new thing but I need to stop DREAMING about it!) and saltines.  Not sure what is up with the saltines – maybe from running in the heat I need the salt?  Haha, yeah, I totally made that up to justify this obsession!

13.  This is so true!


14.  For some reason, my anxiety has been on high alert this week.  Okay, for the last month and half or so.  I realize this isn’t anything new but this made me laugh.  Natalie Dee you so get me!

anxiety girl

I’m also getting better at recognizing my anxiety.  Although there has been a lot of emotional eating and sitting on the couch this week… so maybe I need to recognize it a bit more.

15.  Here is my current phone wall paper.


Actually, it’s working to keep me motivated for my end game.  And excited for this upcoming adventure.  I do need to remember to prep for the races that are closer i.e. the 1/2 on the 28th of Sept, the 1/2 on the 20th of October.  I don’t want to suck at those either.

Apparently, I had more on my mind than I realized.  Tally ho.  Hope you have a great weekend.  I also hope I don’t fail miserably at this 10k/5k option tomorrow morning.  I’m happy to get a little over 9 miles in (since I probably would have put it off… indefinitely) but knowing they are going to be faster miles is a bit intimidating!

Happy weekend eve!

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