computer detention is the worst

Please don’t ask how I’ve managed some internet activity for a few minutes as it probably isn’t the best “solution”.  But I’ve missed writing so I am going for it!

Okay, I swear, I did not order this!  However, it was put in my mailbox as the woman who lived there before must have had a subscription.  This is the first time I’ve received it in a year and half of living there so who knows.  For your viewing pleasure:

-1Yes, I kept it.  And I promise to bring forth any relevant information!

Since I’ve been unconnected (at least in my apt) some good stuff has been happening in my running world.  Get this – consistency really does help!  I’ve known for some time now this was a missing ingredient in my training but haven’t mustered enough motivation to do anything about it.  This is turning around which makes me very happy.

I did a lunch run yesterday (I’ve now done a few of them and really enjoy it!) and my first mile was 11:17.  I went up a BIG hill – which, I can now run without stopping!  Wahoo!  Going on week two of this feat!  I felt like I was really pushing for the whole thing.  By the end and with some help of a friend to do complicated math, my last 2.5 miles were at a 10 min pace!  I didn’t even know I had this in me!  Granted, I felt like vomiting the whole time and for a good hour and half afterward but it was totally worth it.

spoiler! this will be the scenery for my race on saturday!
spoiler! this will be the scenery for my race on saturday!

I’ve also started noticing my body is tightening back up a bit.  This is a relief considering it’s easy for me to get discouraged if I don’t feel/see any results.  I’m not really speaking of weight loss (although this is something I am hoping for) rather muscle definition and strength.  I’ve missed this.  A couple of weeks into switching meds when I really stopped almost all activity, I remember no longer feeling like this.  It was like all of my muscles went on vacation.  To get this feeling back is a major accomplishment and makes me feel I’m recovering more and more.

This weekend is my first 1/2 marathon in about 8 months.  Truth be told, this will be the longest I have run since the Disney World Marathon back in January.  I’m a little bit nervous.  I definitely feel/know I can do it although Saturday is looming nonetheless.  So if you don’t mind, could you send some running mojo my way this weekend?

Finally, Aspaeris came out with capris!  I am really excited about this!  I like the pivot shorts a lot but tend to gravitate toward capris more.  I’ve been WAITING for capris for forever!  With the discount code CAPRISALE you can get them almost 1/2 off!  I found the code from It’s a Dog Lick Baby World.  Yes, I ordered a pair today.


I feel like I had more fabulous things to tell you but I’ve forgotten what they are.  I need to get back into my routine of writing!  Fingers crossed the internet gods and goddess will shine upon me!

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