15 thing friday – running and baby animals

race motivationSo you know, I have this race tomorrow… I bought the bib from another woman who couldn’t do the race anymore and because she is smarter than I am, she signed up early.  This meant I got this bad boy for $40!  Super cheap 1/2 marathon!  I really am looking forward to pushing my way through all 13.1 miles.  Then on Sunday I made plans with a newbie runner friend for 4 (recovery) miles.  Also, I want to hit a higher mileage week to prove to myself  I can.

1.  I have the DAY OFF!  Why does it always feel extra special to have a day off?  Of course I have had Sat/Suns off each weekend but this extra one feels especially relaxing.  I saved it up for this week and kind of had a count down.

2.  To make my day off even better there is a Supernatural marathon on today.  It was a total surprise!  Of course all productivity has gone out the window for today.

preach it

3.  Bad thing about having this feeling of utter relaxation?  I have a headache – actually a migraine threatening to punch through.  This isn’t atypical for me, it’s a pattern that established itself back in college.

4.  In none-day off news, there’s that 1/2 marathon I mentioned above!  The phrase “1/2 marathon” scares me a lot more than saying I need to run 13 miles so this is what I am sticking with.  It will be the furthest I’ve run since Jan.  I am nervous.

5.  I got this card yesterday.  I love cards.  I love this card the mostest.

race card6.  I am amazed at how much money I’ve saved by cutting out almost daily trips to McDonald’s for coffee and breakfast.  It’s shocking.  While I knew it was costing me, I completely ignored the math.  Any of you have daily habit that you’ve given up recently?  Were you as surprised as I was by the savings?

7.  I love this.  A lot

woman cartoonIt is absolutely true for me.

8.  Have your feet gotten wider since you started running?  I didn’t notice it until the last year or so but I don’t wear heels much anymore (if at all) and even flats don’t really agree with me like they used to (better than heels though – good thing I have my Toms!).  I am grateful I will never be tempted to wear crazy high heels and proceed to walk around like a newborn calf

why? why? why? I care about my feet too much – and my dignity

9.  This is a good post from Laces and Lattes about how to keep going on a long run.

10.  I think I’m out of 15 thing friday practice… this is harder than I remembered!

11.  I got an e-mail today that said one of my student loans was in deferment – just like I applied for!  Except I didn’t apply for this deferment.  I freaked out.  Did someone hack into my account?   The following dawned me a few minutes ago  a) who would steal my student loans?! b) and why would they be kind enough to put my loan in deferment?!  A nice identity thief?  Anyway, turns out when I signed up for classes, Sallie Mae was notified and they figured I would want this.  Truthfully, I was tempted… for about 5 minutes.  But then I wouldn’t be done paying off my loans until I was 60 or something.  Not worth it.

12.  I won some SWEET swag from the two wonderful women who do the “Longest Day” walk to remember.  I met both of them through our lovely internets and they coordinated our Ragnar Relay team last year.  They each ran/walked somewhere around 40 something miles and raised funds to support Alzheimer’s research.  I feel ridiculously lucky to know them!  Rachel blogs over at Running In Real Life and she is a hoot!  I won a hat, socks, a wicked cute marathon shirt, and some wild running pants!  What a fun box to win!

13.  I also won some Salted Caramel GU from Too Tall Fritz last week!  I’ve been wanting to try it since blog world folk have raved about it.  Can’t wait!

14.  I tried these for the first time during a training run.  They are delish.  I will be using them tomorrow and I’m excited to see how they “perform” in a race.

honey stinger chews 15.  My obligatory buzzfeed: Does your job want you to be more productive?  Get a baby animal as a mascot!

ideal for the office… or at least a picture

Hope your day flies by like a day off does!  It’s almost the afternoon – how did this happen?!  Happy weekend eve!

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