don’t be bitchy to your cheering squad

Here is the thing, the race on Saturday had some other odd moments that I didn’t include in my race recap.  I’m including them here because I think “weird” is funny!

1.  I was at the “souvenir” table at the end.  The woman behind me was cursing her 1/2 experience up and down.  Her mom was trying to say how proud she was of her and the woman wasn’t having it.  She was being so bitchy!  She told her mom the pain she was in was worse than child birth and her mom couldn’t understand as she had never run a half.  Then the woman started griping about not being able to see the merchandise because there were a few of us in front of her.  I wanted to smack her.

I don't think a 1/2 is more painful than this
I don’t think a 1/2 is more painful than this

2.  The 5k and the 1/2 shared part of the course for a while.  The pacers and volunteers made sure we all kept to our sides but the 5k-ers pushed through us anyway.  It was really rude.  One guy kept running up on me (and breathing down my neck) and then would stop to walk.  A few minutes later it would happen again.  Annoying.

3.  I went around two women toward the end who were walking and then went back in front of them because the street was flat there.  One woman yelled at me, “No one likes a bragger!”.  WTH?

4.  A fellow runner was struggling a bit and she needed to walk a bunch.  Cool – congrats on running a 1/2 – it’s tough!  Then she would come up on me and ride my heels – over and over.  And over.

5.  My favorite volunteer was the woman standing off to the side, smoking a cigarette and barely ringing her bell.  I’m betting this was community service!

6.  I was washing my key (for the millionth time) and this little girl was also playing in the water.  Her dad who had just run the 1/2 and clearly looked like he had run several was standing next to her.  She looked at me, “I didn’t know you could wash a key”.  Me: “haha, you can’t but I dropped it in the porta potty”.  The little girl looked horrified.  The dad and I started laughing and he said, “it happens”.  These are the runners I love.

she looked very similar to this!

7.  This was the first 1/2 for a ton of people.  Many of them cried at the end.  I watched two women embracing each other at the end, crying and it gave me chills.  Loved it.

8.  As I mentioned the volunteers were incredible and there were a lot of spectators.  We ran through a lot of neighborhoods and there were people just hanging out in their driveways cheering for us.  It was neato.

9.  At first I could feel myself slipping into, “this is so not the pace I wanted to run at!”.  Then major turn of head and heart as I realized who cares!  I’m running a freaking half marathon!  My mantra became, “I can do this”.  I am proud to return to distance racing and proud I did it.  Pace smace – I did great!

10.  It was good practice and also highlighted where I need to do some work.  I was pretty sore Sunday.  My quads are weaker than they should be.  I also need to make sure I am hitting my long runs on the weekends.  Dopey is coming.  Dopey is also going to be painful.

it's coming...
it’s coming…

3 thoughts on “don’t be bitchy to your cheering squad

  1. I HATE people that run right at my heels! I have purposely stopped at a water station at the PDX rock n roll to get rid of some jack ass who wouldn’t just pass me. At one half marathon a chick was so close to me that she actually stepped on the heel of my shoe and made my shoe come off. I was PISSED!!!!

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