spam isn’t just a meat-like product anymore

First and foremost, when I was younger we actually used to eat Spam.  And I do remember liking it.  I found it odd when suddenly Spam was a joke and not simply a food.  Not to mention, it used (and maybe still is) wildly popular in Hawaii.

Once I did learn it was a joke however, I went for it and bought this shirt.

I was so hip

Now in the computer world spam is a bad thing.  I usually read through my spam with my blog to see if something went there that shouldn’t have.  This morning I read one and the spam was actually criticizing my writing.  WTH – if you aren’t  a real person then you can critique me.  Back off Skynet!

I know – isn’t this an original idea to place here?!

Yesterday I ventured out on another lunch run.  I am enjoying these more and more and I was pleased with some negative split action.  The last mile I felt as though I was really struggling yet when I looked at the mile split it was at a 10:37.  Yippee!  I love it when I run faster than I think I am.

I received another issue of Cat Fancy.  Again, this was sent to a “Darcy” with my address.  It finally dawned on me that this is Simon’s alter ego and somehow he has become quite computer savvy.  Simon, you silly minx.

I made his eyes look kind of scary
I made his eyes look kind of scary

I won some salted caramel GU from Too Tall Fritz!  Wahoo!  Thanks Too Tall Fritz!  By the way, she is also doing the Dopey and I can’t wait to try to meet up with other bloggers down there.  It’s kind of like meeting celebrities for me.  Anyway, I got the package this week full of some additional goodness and I can’t wait to try it this weekend.  My Saturday run is a 15 miler.  For the record, when I was marathon training last year, the longest run I did in training was 15 miles.  Yes, I do realize this wasn’t quite enough so at least I am getting smarter.

I had to explain to some of my co-workers yesterday this was a YETI not a sasquatch
I had to explain to some of my co-workers yesterday this was a YETI not a Sasquatch – major regional difference

I got a coupon for our local running store since I ran the Park to Park.  I’ve worn my body glide down to the nub so this is perfect timing.  I’m also going to lay in the middle of the store and throw a tantrum about how I can’t find proper running footwear.  I think this will go over well.  At least I am spending money there.


Well, that’s all I have for today.  I know – incredibly interesting, eh?  Clearly I concentrated on my pics much more than actual content.  Oh well, not everyday can be winners.  I’ll leave you with this little nugget of pin I found yesterday that I fell in love with.  Have a nice Wednesday!

idiots aren't worth it
idiots aren’t worth it

2 thoughts on “spam isn’t just a meat-like product anymore

  1. I am glad that I am not the only one who grew up eating spam! I can’t stand the thought of eating it now, but my mom used to make it when I was growing up. I love salty things which is probably why I liked it so much.

    Thanks for saying you will sponsor me too! I am so nervous to do 496 pull ups. It seems like my arms might fall off. Oh, I alternate between running shoes. Brooks Adrenaline, Ghost or Pure Cadence. :-)

    • For sure! You can totally do 496 pull ups! You’ve got some determination :)
      Thanks for the shoe info – When you wrote about how the forefront of your foot bothered you in your old shoes, I could totally relate. On distances beyond 6 miles mine do too so I think I need something a little different.

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