15 mile recap – in pics

Poor Mondays – they get such a bad rep.  I think we should get three day weekends and come back to work on Tuesday.  This way Tuesday can be hated rather than the aforementioned Monday.

Anyway, on Saturday I ran 15 miles.  Let me preface the pictorial recap with the fact that I’ve never done 15 miles on my own.  Meagan dragged me through the one and only out of the kindness of her heart or I did it in a race.  That’s it though…  so I’m detailing my experience here.  I didn’t have the motivation but determination got me out the door.  Here we go:

At the start:

running is sooo great!

I had this brilliant idea for a route which included a really nasty hill.  I didn’t realize how long this torturous hill really was.  ONE whole freaking mile later (and only at mile 2) I was pretty sure I was done with this whole 15 thing:


A rain storm hit right as I got to mile 3:05 so I sat under an awning for about 15 mins.  Probably not the best idea because all I could think about was how I still had 12 miles to go.

at least I didn’t look like this and risk really terrible chaffing. although, I was sweating this much since the humidity was around 85%…maybe I did look like this?

I felt decent until mile 7.5.  I was really starting to wonder if I was going to finish and I couldn’t believe I ran 13 miles the weekend before.  How did I do that again?  This feeling of “why am I doing this?” lasted well into mile 9.

this was a real possibility at this point

I pretty much love this gif.  I’m sure I will use it again!

Then I remembered the motivational video I posted on Saturday.  I watched it twice before I left to get me ready to go.  One of the lines is, “remember why you started in the first place” and then another gem: “how badly do you want this?”.  I started thinking about this and realized I REALLY wanted this.  I want to hit the Dopey start line(s) feeling good and at least sort of ready for the pain that is waiting for me.

So I kept going.

I did have to do some walking.  While I kind of regretted burning my legs out on the giant hill in the beginning I was also really proud of myself for running the whole blasted thing.  I walked a couple of hills at the end and prior to this took two less than 30 second walk breaks.  Two businesses were also kind enough to allow me to fill up my water bottle.  Thanks businesses!

Then I was done!  I wanted someone to cheer for me because HOLY HADES, I DID IT!

I texted two friends who were hanging out, had them high five each other and pretend it was me. I’m not even joking a little bit.

I am definitely losing one toenail on my right foot and possibly one on my left.  I sat in some really cold water in the tub (was too lazy to go and buy ice) and then sat on my couch.  I didn’t drink a whole lot of water because I didn’t want to have to get up and go the bathroom!

nope, I will not go the bathroom – not ever.

I started feeling crummy after I showered and dressed and I am sure this was because I was in a major calorie deficit.  I had one GU (the salted caramel – tasty!) and didn’t eat enough prior.  While I didn’t feel like eating and wanted to vomit rainbows I made myself eat something.  I need to rethink this for next time.

All in all, I very proud of myself.  I wasn’t even that sore on Sunday – just exhausted.  Soaking in a tub full of cold water for 20 minutes helps more than I ever imagined.  I want to add Epsom salt next time and I might start taking Turmeric (or putting it in my tub water?  Not sure which one I should do…)  I finished,

8 thoughts on “15 mile recap – in pics

  1. I can’t stand being cold so I’ve never taken an ice bath (or even just a cold one). I usually have an intense tiredness in my legs the day of a long run; not really soreness, just exhaustion. You’ve got me curious about taking a cold bath though.

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