feeed me seymor!

This was one of my mom’s favorite movies and we watched it all the time!  It’s the tale of the insatiable hunger of a plant who drank blood and ate people.  While I don’t do either (aren’t you happy to know this?) I understand the hunger issue right now.

“Train Gain”.  When I first heard/read about this phrase I couldn’t believe it!  I thought I was the only one who gained while training!  It was right after I finished my first 1/2 and I had gained about 5 lbs.  It was weird though because my clothes still fit (although I had more of a booty than before).  The weight had redistributed itself and I gained muscle for sure.

yep, I gots me a runner butt
yep, I gots me a runner butt

I will say there were a few of those pounds that were not muscle – ahem, my eating habits weren’t the best.  After the longer runs on the weekends I found the only thing that could fill me up were a burger and fries.  Or at least this is what I told myself as I hit Wendy’s on a weekly basis.

Last year while training I noticed the hunger every once in a while but I did a lousy job training so I don’t remember it being at the forefront.  This time around I am hungry.

please sir, I want some more

I did some reading and while I found people talking about being really hungry while training, I didn’t find a whole lot of “how to fix it”.  There was the normal, “running isn’t license to eat whatever you want, keep a food journal, and drink water”.  But I wanted more.

I also read an article from the New York Times that talked about how women’s bodies hold onto fat with a vice-like grip!  I’m sure all of you women know why – our bodies want to make sure we are ready for a bun in the oven AT ANY TIME!  Thanks a lot uterus, you sure know how to treat a woman right!

women are such lucky creatures

I need to figure out what works best for me – maybe it’s all personal?  I’ve come up with a few ideas:

1.  Drink more water (this one was provided).  One thing I read said I need to drink 3 liters of water a day.  Whoa.  This is a bit much for me so I am going to shoot for 2.

2.  I read something about eating smaller meals throughout the day.  Since this is pretty standard advice for losing weight, I didn’t pay much mind to it.  However, the more I thought about it the more I realized I am not necessarily hungrier than usual at meal time rather I get hungry faster.  Smaller meals would help with this and help me avoid eating EVERYTHING when an actual meal times come around.

3.  Go to bed earlier.  I think this one is kind of silly – or at least makes me feel as though I am 5 years old.  Come to think of it, I am not even sure I had a bed time back then… Anyway, going to bed earlier was one of my goals during the summer months and it has really helped in other areas of my life.  Being sleepy is also associated with weight gain and my favorite time to snack is in the evening.

4.  Why is it when there is all of this hunger inside me I don’t crave super duper healthy foods?!  Pizza, burgers, fries, grilled cheese sandwiches – the list goes on and on but salad isn’t one of them.

my craving for pie is out of this world right now

I’m thinking my eating habits could use some fine tuning.  At the very least, better balance my diet.  I ate some fruit yesterday – outside of my banana a day habit, that’s the only fruit I’ve had in a bit.  Lame.

please healthy foods! let me love you!

I want to make sure I say, I’m not trying to be unhealthy.  I’ve mentioned it in the last couple of weeks, Skinny Runner mentioned that you have to get used to being a little bit hungry.  Yuck.  I love the feeling of being FULL (not the best thing in the world) but it feels impossible to actually get FULL at this point.  I also refuse to completely give up an ice cream cone or peanut butter M # M’s.  That’s balancing out my diet for sure!  Nothing earth-shattering here but these are doable for me – hope this combo helps others!

9 thoughts on “feeed me seymor!

  1. Getting used to feeling “hungry” (because let’s face it we are never really HUNGRY) is really the only way I’ve ever lost weight. Ugh – totally sucks I hear you.

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