runnin’ just as fast I can

hmm, where have all the Tiffany gifs gone?

This morning was the annual Campus Classic.  It was the first race I ever ran (I trained a whole summer for it and never dreamed I would be able to finish) so it has a special place in my heart.  (Plus the start line is less than 5 mins from my front door.)  I’ve done it every year since and it’s always been hard.  They changed the course this year and seriously, they made it harder than ever.  It’s all around campus and they made the course hit every freakin’ hill there was.

But I was happy with my time, especially considering the hills.  TONS of people were walking and my goal was to keep pushing through.  It was harder than I anticipated since by the first mile we had already run up a long hill and my legs already felt shot!

When I got done, I finally knew it was time for some new shoes.  On long runs my feet have been really hurting, the outer part of my under foot has been bugging me, on Thursday I hurt my ankle and a few other issues.  Turns out, I don’t need stability shoes anymore.  Mind blown.

I went to my local running store and the woman, Ty, was awesome.  She brought out 4 different pairs and we set out to test them.  They let me run outside in each, which was great.  It came down to Brooks Glycerin and Mizuno Enigma.  I ended up with the Glycerin, however, in a few months I might pick up the Engima to switch off and on during the week.  Oh and I got the “Aquarius Blue” glycerin even before I knew the name – total fate friends.

Trust me, they are oh-so pretty.  And of course, practically the Rolls Royce of shoes.  Thanks feet, you have expensive tastes.

As I mentioned, I think I sprained my ankle a bit this week.  It’s really been bothering me so I’m icing and limping a bunch.  I won some Rock Tape from a blog (thanks Wine to Weightlifting) about a year ago so last night I watched a taping video.  I was skeptical but it really helped!  I was surprised.  It wasn’t perfect but a lot less pain then when I’ve been walking around.  So yeah, I recommend it.

If you are running, hope you have some happy miles this weekend

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