9 miles are now a step back?!

After my run tonight, I realized this would be the shortest distance I would be running for at least the next 3 to 4 weekends.  It seems incredibly daunting.  I am not one of those folks who shrugs off distances above 7 miles.  I mean, seriously, I ran 9 miles – this is a long way!

go me!

My ex-boyfriend’s brother runs all kinds of distance races and does triathlons.  He is crazy fast.  When I was talking to my ex after my marathon last year, I mentioned how by mile 8 my legs were toast.  It was in San Fran and it seemed like the hills were trying to eat me for breakfast!  The ex said his brother always says that his body starts hurting at mile 8 as well.  I think of this a lot and it make me feel better.

Anyway, I ran 4.5 and then stopped by to switch to my new neutral shoes.  I was picturing myself running on clouds with rocket boosters on my back because clearly stability has been holding me back.  It would be like small cherubs were carrying me under my arms to a blissful last 4.5 miles.

something like this – only in the clouds

I was wrong.

I felt like I was running with clown feet.  It took about a mile to even fall into my stride and this included some walking.  And I certainly wasn’t faster than my previous miles which had felt really good.  I felt discouraged – where were my puffy clouds of speed?

By the end of the 4.5 my feet, legs and butt were clearly conflicted about the new kix.  There were some good points, my feet didn’t burn like they do on any distance beyond 4 miles, my arch felt a lot better on my right foot and I liked how wide the forefoot was.  But everything else just seemed confusing.  The transition is going to be a lot longer and harder than I anticipated.

The other part of distance running I need to get a handle on is eating when I am done.  I didn’t partake in any fuel during the run aside from a water bottle of GU Brew.  When I got home, I didn’t feel much like eating and nothing sounded good.  I stretched, showered, and hung out on my coach and then I started feeling faint.  I knew I needed food – quickly.  But again, I didn’t want anything.  At this point since I waited even longer, I tried to think of something fast and ended up with scrambled eggs and tomato soup.  Even this wasn’t fast enough and I had to pause after the first few bites of eggs because I thought I was going vomit.  Yeah, I need to get a handle on this and plan ahead better.  Oh and just make myself eat, no matter what.

6 thoughts on “9 miles are now a step back?!

  1. I don’t normally have an appetite after long runs either but I try to eat something small right away, like fruit. Usually after I have enough water I do feel hungry later and eat a lot more.

  2. I do that whole not eating right away thing too. It’s not smart. I’ve tried to at least have something afterwards. But I still suck at it.

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