me like food – a possible nutrition plan

For the last few days I’ve felt fairly crummy.  My uterus has decided despite what the calendar says, it is going to cramp all the time anytime.  Monday, my brain/head started feeling all funny and seizurey.  This always worries me because well, you know, the seizure part.  I am still not sure of the cause but I came home and laid up on the couch.  And then of course Monday started the week.  Monday and I do not get along – it’s a mutual dislike.  (The fuzzy brain part is still under assessment although currently taking a few extra meds as prescribed by the doc)

I didn’t know what other pic to put here…

Meanwhile, running has been put on hold until I can move without feeling dizzy.  BUT I am looking into some new nutrition ideas.  To be honest, I am having troubles with counting calories.  I’m not really a fan.  I forget and then when I see that I only have a certain number left, I kind of freak out.  Then I start doing all of this mental math with what I can still eat and not go over.  Let’s face it, no one deserves mental math.

I don’t wanna

The thing is, my friend has had loads of success with counting!  I am a bit envious because this really clicks with him.  I wanted it to click with me too but it’s been a couple of months now and a) I haven’t been consistent and b) I’m not interested in doing it.  It also sucks because it’s only 1200 calories per day.  Then when I work out I eat those calories too so I am not seeing much of a deficit.  Oh and the mind games – who can forget these?!  ***My brother in law posted this post from Sophieology – it’s all about how 1200 is too low and a bunch of other good stuff!  I recommend it!

So, after reading a Sweat Once a Day post, Sweaty mentioned she was trying a high protein, low carb kind of deal.  Considering carbs and I are total besties I thought I would give this a shot; I like a challenge.  Monday, I kicked off the day without carbs!  What novel idea!  Apparently it works like the following: no carby goodness in the morning or afternoon – protein and veggies are on the plate.  For dinner carbs are welcome or some starch (be still my beating heart, POTATOES!) along with protein.

I’m not cutting out dairy, it wasn’t even an option and I also know there will be times when carbs pop up before dinner.  I also don’t have any idea if I will still be following this in a week from now but I like the idea of something a little different but not hugely drastic.  The theory behind it is I am teaching my body to use protein as an energy source rather than resorting to carbs.  Another perk?  My runger seems to be diminishing!  Okay, so it’s been four days but you know what I mean.  The downside?  I want some carby business during the day!  Haha, it’s crazy that I am actually craving it.

Counting calories are out but I am tracking what I am eating a bit – mostly for my own edification.  I want to be able to see what my “menu” has been.  I am not counting calories with this because I can’t do that much excel spreadsheet-like inputting.  It’s like in my head math – too much.

Ever heard of this style of eating?  Do you restrict carbs a.k.a. public enemy number 1?

8 thoughts on “me like food – a possible nutrition plan

  1. I think it’s great that you realized what was working for your friend just wasn’t doing it for you!! I admit counting helped me at first but then just felt really negative. I started instead challenging myself to eat 7-9 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. That made me so full it just crowded out other things.

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