is an “itis” ever a good thing?

I was thinking about this as I was walking to work this morning.  Is there a good itis?  There is gingivitis, tonsilitis, dermatitis – none of these are positive.  At this point I stopped thinking because I hadn’t finished my coffee just yet and this was more than enough thinking for the early morning.

yesterday and today were heavily caffeinated

The reason this is on my mind is I am currently dealing with ankle-itis.  This is also known as tendonitis but I like my version better.  Three weeks ago (maybe four?) I was doing a lunch run and feel like I knew the exact moment when I strained it.  At first I thought I could shake it off and it wouldn’t be a problem.  Whenever I roll my ankle a bit while running, this is usually the case.

yes, yes it does

Not this time.  I came home and my ankle felt twinge-y and painful.  I iced it when I got home from work and figured that would be the end of it.  Unfortunately, it is still bothering me.  I taped it for my 5k and the 1/2 using Rock Tape – which rocks by the way (oh my, that pun was very unintentional but keeping it!) and it really helped.  When I wear compression socks it also feels better.

After the 5k, I iced my ankle the whole week and also went down and bought some new shoes.  Last week, I thought it was better since it didn’t hurt much after my 9 miler on Sunday.  But it was really bothering me Monday and I ended up taking the 4 days off leading up to the half.  This still hasn’t helped.

I’ve been really dramatic all week

I went to the trusty interwebs to diagnose myself and came up with the ankle-itis.  It isn’t bruised or swollen and it doesn’t hurt the entire run – at the start of the run and then once in a while during I feel it but it isn’t terrible.  It bothers me when I first wake up and off and on throughout the day.   This week I am trying to ice it more often and maybe this will help?  I don’t know, this is a weird injury for me because I can’t foam roll it away or simply stretch it out or even rest it away.

Thoughts?  Ever have any kind of “itis” in your ankles, heels or other tendon areas?  How did you deal with it?

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