“rocky wouldn’t quit”

Yesterday I ran 17 miles.  Once again, this was the farthest training run I’ve ever done (yes, you will read this each time the number gets higher!) and it was much harder than I anticipated.  This freaked me out a bit!

The good:

1.  I fueled really well.  I brought Honey Stinger gummies (very tasty) and a water bottle with GU Brew added, which I filled up for the second time in the middle.  This is huge for me folks!  I am terrible about drinking water while running!

2.  I immediately ate a peanut butter sandwich when I got home and ate a mix of carbs and protein later on – today, no violently huge hunger issues

thankfully I didn’t need to two fist my lunch… or breakfast… or a snack

3.  Ice bath.  Considering I was already chilled to the bone I almost skipped it.  Good thing I didn’t.  I’ve dubbed this “blanching my legs”, you know, like blanching some green beans!  I swear, ice baths are where it’s at and my poor achy legs feel much better.

different kind of blanche but this was funnier than a picture of green beans

4.  I did some stretching and foam rolling.

5.  My original goal was 20 but at 12 miles I knew I wasn’t ready to hit that number and reached for 17.

6.  No music – this kind of sucked but I didn’t finish until 7:22 pm and it was DARK.  I passed one runner at 6:30 and she had both headphones in – not good.

7.  I ran through all of the shady neighborhoods before it got dark – yay!

8.  By the end I was really struggling but I finished strong.  Why?  Because “Rocky wouldn’t quit!”  My new mantra.

this is how my legs felt

The not so good

1.  My arch is really bothering me.  After some webmd-ing I’m 98% sure it’s a “fallen arch”.  Basically my tendons running through the arch are all f-ed = they are all stretched out.  When this happens it can start to push out on your outer ankle as well!  Light bulb!  I had everything taped but it didn’t help enough.

this is exactly it! only the right foot is being temperamental – grumpy bugger

2.  Arch issues are also causing pain in my opposite knee.  I’ve got to get this under control.

3.  I didn’t stretch enough and didn’t wear compression socks/sleeves.  I think this would have helped with my legs feeling so fatigued.

4.  I didn’t plan out my route.  This was totally dumb because I kept thinking I must have run further than I had because I ran all over (or it felt like it).  Not to mention it was short of the aforementioned 20.

I need roads Doc… oh and I said this quite a bit last night toward the end of my run. I laughed every time so it should be a testament as to my mental state by this time

5.  I went in with the following attitude: “I’m never going to be able to do this!”  Pretty positive, no?  My mental game was off the entire run.

6.  I almost got hit by a car.  I was at the cross walk and it was blinking walk but this woman didn’t see me.  I need some kind of blinking light if I am going to keep running in the dark.

7.  My garmin ran out of battery.

8.  It was dark.  I started at 3:30 but I would be out there for 4 hours.  Sometimes I forget to think things through.  Oh and it was chilly.  I was afraid of being too hot so I underdressed – then I froze.

Overall, I really am happy and proud of myself.  I’ve already thought about this weekend’s long run and I have a much better plan of attack.  Also, I’ve ordered an arch support and will be making an appt with the doc.  I will also bring music next time (if daylight allows) since it got boring.  I keep improving my long run approach though so I gotta keep the faith in my training!

9 thoughts on ““rocky wouldn’t quit”

  1. I struggle with every.single.long.run. Without fail. While it’s kind of sick, it’s nice to hear an honest approach from someone who didn’t just bound off the couch and magically get the miles it. Every run is tough for me, but that’s a huge part of why I love it I guess…

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