running on the treadmill & I’m diseased

I am diseased.  I woke up yesterday and today with a scratchy throat.  My sinus headache grew and grew – I blame my sicky co-workers.  I swear, it’s one giant petri dish in my office!

why didn’t I wear my suit to work?!

The thing is, I have big hopes for lots ‘n lots of miles this week.  I don’t want to jinx myself nor do I want to have to come back here and admit I didn’t get it done.  It WILL be my highest mileage ever!  That being said, I wanted to do 6 miles today.  I did 3 during lunch – I’m so happy about my lunch run revival!

Okay, lets chit-chat about the treadmill.  I did the three miles on mine today and gee whiz – it was tough!  What the heck?  I can pound out miles outside without nearly as much struggle as it took me to complete the three today.  It was kind of frustrating.

I talked with a friend about it – he came up with some ideas.  Nature isn’t around to distract or refresh me, I’m stuck in one place, it’s a consistent pace (which I definitely don’t keep when outside) and mentally I’m sabotaging my physical capabilities.  Pretty decent list, right?  I came up with the last one and running on the trail this weekend helped me figure it out – when I think I’ve been running further then start to think, “I can never get this done!”.

The clincher is, I do have entertainment while I am running, it’s cold outside (and I am being a giant weenie) and I need to get my head straight.  After work my stuffy head decided the couch was a much better option than hitting up another 3-4 miles.  I decided to take Friday off from work so I can run one of my long runs rather than trying to stuff both into the weekend.  This is a brilliant plan on my part since I always feel I “deserve time to rest” on the weekend and long runs don’t quite fit the bill.

this is how I want to feel on the treadmill – please guide me to this wonderful place!

On my newsfeed today, a woman talked about this book, “Triathlete EQ: A guide for emotional endurance”:

running bookIt’s about the emotional intelligence of endurance athletes – the author, Dr. Izzy Justice calls it “emotional endurance” and how this plays a role in athletic success.  We all know our minds can determine how a day of running can be and this book claims to have the steps to strengthen the resolve it takes to run/race strong.  I bought it and amazon is shipping it to me pronto.  No time to waste when it comes to building confidence and giving myself a boost of jet fuel, i.e. a mix of ego, heart and strength!  I’ll keep you posted!

*Do you find it harder to run on the treadmill?  What do you do to stay motivated on the treadmill?

2 thoughts on “running on the treadmill & I’m diseased

  1. I find that if you do a lot of runs on the treadmill, it gets easier. It’s just hard to do occasional runs on it. I run on mine 5-6 days a week for a portion of my daily mileage and I don’t even get bothered by it anymore. It’s a lot easier than running with the stroller too :)

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