I have so many thoughts

Some of my thoughts:

1.  How could I have forgotten how good a BLT is?!  I completely skip the lettuce because I am lazy but I loaded up on the bacon and tomatoes.  I love the gushy tomato with the lightly crunchy bacon.

I think he loves bacon more than I do… but not by much

2.  I eat a Chobani Flip everyday for breakfast.  My boss told me the other day he is concerned about the amount of yogurt I eat.  This could be true but so far I have not tired of my Coco Loco and it’s a treat for breakfast.

3.  I was reading through Run, Eat, Repeat the other day and I really like the compression shorts she wears for races.  They are Moving Comfort 7.5″ Compression Short.  I like how they are a little longer and reviews say they don’t ride up.  Since my thighs do touch (ha!  see how I worked that in?!) this is a good thing.  Some reviewers say the waist sits too low so we’ll see.

compression shorts
superhero shorts

4.  In both marathons I ran last year, I saw a couple of women whose shorts/skirt kept riding up and their inner thighs were bleeding from the chaffing.  Would you quit at this point?  It might have been mile 20… I would seriously consider it…

5.  I have 20 miles on my “schedule” (which I have loosely based on a training plan but play it by ear) for today.  I have decided my prize – yes, I do reward myself with food, is this incredibly delicious donut from a local donut place called Sweetwaters.  I had 1/2 of one about a month ago and I’m still thinking about it.  Only one problem, I don’t know what kind of donut it was so what if I pick the wrong one?!  I feel this will be my important decision for the day.

6.  Yesterday I learned there is a sandwich hierarchy when ordering food for college students.  Now, I understand there is such a hierarchy for candy (generic candy doesn’t cut it) and pizza but I didn’t realize this included sandwiches.  Apparently, Subway is at the bottom and Jimmy Johns is a much more “fun” sandwich.  I argued that Blimpies was much lower than Subway and I was informed that of course it was and it wasn’t even included in the list.  Now you are enlightened as well.

7.  If you ever came to visit me there is a good chance one of the following would be on tv, a Twilight, a Lord of the Rings, a Harry Potter or an episode of Supernatural.  A few months ago, I got invited to a party later in the evening on a Friday night.  Most everyone was already drunk and this guy asked me what I had been doing earlier.  I answered, “I was watching Lord of the Rings”.  He thought I was joking – I wasn’t.

maybe – but I’m not ashamed!

8.  Did you realize that the word scratch can be a verb, an adjective or a noun?

9.  You should feel lucky I didn’t bother typing what I was actually thinking here.  It was beyond dumb.

10.  I finally figured out my costume for the Dopey races!  Wahoo!  More to come in the next couple of months!

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