a smelly good apartment

It finally dawned on me to buy an air purifier.  Took me a year and a half but suddenly I gained some smarts!  My old apartment was not only bigger but was near the top floor.  I could keep windows open often and didn’t have to worry about scary individuals trying to get in and steal Simon.

simon has it pretty good, the idea of being stolen doesn't sit well with him either
simon has it pretty good, the idea of being stolen doesn’t sit well with him either

Now that I am on the ground floor, I barely open my windows.  I keep my fans on to at least help with some air movement but I have my doubts this is helping much.  You know how people say you don’t realize the smell of your own house?  I’m kind of paranoid about this.  I burn candles as much as possible but with a small living space and a cat I’m assuming I could do better in the smelly good department.

Off to amazon!  I swear, amazon prime is the greatest thing ever!  Since I hate going to the grocery store with a *fiery passion this allows me to pick up those pesky items rather than trudging to the store where I am likely to find other things to purchase.  Although I do order a lot from amazon, 1) with prime I don’t have to pay shipping 2) it gets here in TWO DAYS and 3) when I see the price of things I find I am much more mindful of the money I am spending.  Typically, I’ll wait to order it to make sure I want to spend the money.  I highly recommend it and I even hate paying subscription fees!

to amazon!

I found two that I really liked – one mini ionizer (super cute!) and one regular.  I tried to figure out which one is better since they are both approximately $50.  Or do I want both?  Again, my apartment is barely 500 sq feet so do I need both?  Or if I buy just one, will that be enough to take care of any cat litter box odors if it isn’t in the same room?  Please help me purchase!!  Just think – you can (sort of) spend money and it’s not even your own!

this is the one I am looking at
this is the one I am looking at – it’s a regular one

Other than this thrilling business, I didn’t run yesterday.  My lungs are a bit crabby right now with a cough.  Two rest days in a row should help the healing.  In Spirit of the Marathon Deena Kastor was saying how she runs an average of 140 miles per week!  NUTZO!  I did the math – with a calculator of course and it’s 20 miles per day.  This doesn’t allot for a rest day but I have no idea if she takes one every week.  My goal for the month of Nov is 180, which will be my highest ever, at least since I started tracking a few years ago.  I realize she is a pro athlete but somewhere along the line I didn’t compute how many miles in a week it would take to achieve this.  It’s amazing!

*I’m not a total brat in regards to not wanting to go to the grocery store.  For 9 years part of my job was to go to the grocery store 2-3 times per week.  It’s just not my favorite thing…

**Any advice on the air purifier?!

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