my own thunder jacket

If you have a pup or are familiar with infomercials then chances are you know what a thunder jacket (a.k.a. thundershirt) is.  Let me enlighten you if you are confused:

At first I mocked the poor dogs in the commercial for looking so silly.  I also thought it sounded like a major rip-off – seriously?  A jacket was going to calm a dog who is afraid of loud noises and thunder?  Pppssshhh…

Apparently, they work really well and it has gone mainstream.  In fact, I suggested this to a friend today who also has a squirmy dog who freaks out during storms.  Then when I was recently perusing pinterest, I saw a weighted vest used for kids who have ADHD and it’s supposed to help them concentrate.

In my mind, these are similar concepts although I don’t have any real occupational therapy experience.  And now that I have sufficiently buried the lead, I realized today I have my OWN thunder jacket!  I was wearing this zip-up hoodie that is a bit snug and I noticed how much calmer I felt.  Mondays are prime anxiety days for me and I wasn’t feeling super angsty.  It didn’t dawn on me until I was looking at myself in the mirror and I exclaimed, “I’m wearing a thunder jacket!”

I’m going to give y’all my cell number

Please feel free to mock me!  As I’ve detailed in past posts, I’m looking for as many natural ways to cope/work with my ADD as possible.  Looking back, this tighter outer layer isn’t anything new and I like the feeling of security it offers and the calming effect it offers.  It’s kind of like my “woobie”.  The more I thought about it the more I recognized this might be connected to my love of layered clothing – no matter the season.  Of course, my big sis also wears layers and since I want to do everything she does this could be influencing it as well!

I promise, I am an adult

Anyway, not too much of a point here but maybe it will help someone else out there.  Besides, I think it’s funny!

Finally, this %#&* sickness continues to linger.  I haven’t slept well in over a week and a half, no running and now I don’t even feel like eating.  These are three of my favorite things… I’m getting cranky…

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