I ran! & it’s time for pie!

As I’ve whined about lately, I’ve been under the weather.  It seems like I’ve been sick forever but in reality it’s only been two weeks.  I think this is fairly normal for a virus, right?  I am thankful  I didn’t have to deal with a bunch of cold symptoms along with the cough.  Although, I will admit, I diagnosed myself with both pneumonia and tuberculosis at one point or another.  I wish I was joking.

Last night I wanted to give the treadmill a shot.  I thought I would hack my way through some miles and barely be able to run.  Alas, I didn’t give myself enough credit!  My legs and lungs hung on pretty well for a nice 3.5 miles.  I even increased the speed a few times!  Since I was slightly worried I would be crawling through one mile, hitting three was a nice boost to my motivation and ego.

not sure why but this cracked me up

Other than that, there are only 4 hours until a long weekend.  I.can’t.wait.  Two of my friends and I are both far away from our families so some dinner will be had and then we have some items to pick up out and about.  My goal is a new iPod (yes, the one I “saved” from the rotten banana is no longer with us), a mini carpet cleaning machine, maybe a cute new pair of boots and some cheapo gloves for running.  I swear, I go through those suckers crazy fast.  Oh and a cat toy for Simon – I do sometimes buy things for others.  Dyson vacuums are on sale at Target including their stick vac.  My parents have one and I will admit to hinting to my dad if he didn’t want it anymore I was open to taking it off his hands!  I’m such a good daughter.  BUT it’s $200 and I don’t want to spend this much total.

My original plan was to run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving but the only one in the area is a prediction run and since I’ve missed the deadline, I don’t want to pony up the extra funds for late registration.  It isn’t a fortune but it’s not what I was looking for so I’ll run on my own.  I’ve run on Thanksgiving for the last several years now and it’s always a peaceful run so I’m not worried about bailing.  Not to mention, this way I can sleep in a bit on my first day of vacation.

hottie-mc-hot-hot and I have pie in common… this is enough to build a relationship on, right?!

Oh and even better?  PIE!  Yay!  Pie has been on my mind for months!  I’ve been too lazy to go and buy and/or make a pie and thankfully my favorite holiday revolves around it.  By the way, I figured out why I love Thanksgiving so much – it’s in the middle of the two biggie holidays.  It’s like the middle child of holidays and since I’m a middle child Thanksgiving and I share a kinship.

Thanksgiving and I both seek comfort in pie…

Happy turkey day folks – don’t forget your elastic-waist pants!

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