snow running can suck it

I know I am supposed to be all “running in the snow is awesome!  I’m such a BAMF!” but I am here to tell you, it’s not awesome and I am not a BAMF.

not me..

Maybe it would’ve been okay if the sidewalks had been plowed.  I ran 3 miles like a deer running from a hunter through almost knee-deep snow (remember, I am a shorty-mcshorty pants so it was probably shin depth for others) and it was a bit rough.  There were some parts where the snow was compacted which was much better but the uneven aspect really started to hurt the bottom of my feet.  It was like swedish chef gave my foot a massage.

I was the turtle

I will say, I was very nervous about running in the cold.  It was a lovely 16* and I haven’t run in these temps in a long time.  Perhaps two years?  We’ve had some mild winters here the last two years and when the temps did drop I avoided running those day.  Or I ran on the indoor track.  While it took me HOURS to thaw, I was impressed with my running gear that kept me warm(ish).  I also wore a pair of cheapo gloves and then put a pair of mittens on over and this was a smart move on my part.

Overall, I am really happy I went out and proved to myself I wasn’t a complete wimp (wait, did that not come through with all of my whining?!).  Not to mention, I have some long runs on the ol’ training plan this weekend and I will be outside for these.  Also, when it’s this cold, you start to  not be able to feel your legs so I could have gone further than 5 miles last night if I wasn’t swearing like a sailor about the horrible snow.

I was about this happy

I feel like I had a lot more to write about.  I will post my cookie recipe that I made for the cookie exchange tomorrow.  There are a few steps to them but they are so delicious you don’t mind.  Work has been extra stressful these past couple of weeks so the fact that some of it will be done after tonight is a huge relief.  Oh and I am in love with Chipotle – kind of obsessed actually.

Over and out homefries

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