According to reports the next few days are going to be north pole kinds of storms.  14′ of snow is supposed to fall and the temps are going to be crazy cold.  I have my fingers crossed for a snow day!

oh weather, you can’t vex me! unless I can’t fly out on wednesday, then I’ll be crabby!

This whole weekend I’ve been lazy.  It’s been wonderful.  Coming back from vacation and jumping back into work always throws me out of whack.  It’s just re-establishing routine.  Thursday and Friday were two busy days as far was work was concerned.  I did most of the prep work for them before I left for break but since I haven’t learned how to control the actions of others (definitely working on it!) there were snafus.

my snuggle-bug
my snuggle-bug

So I’ve used this weekend to decompress.  Simon and I spent some quality time together.  I ran on Friday evening and some miles are on the docket for today as well.  It’s a good thing too, 4 days separate me from the start of the Dopey Challenge!  I still can’t believe it’s here.  Obviously, time passes but it took forever to get here and I’ve been waiting so long!

DopeyhouseofmouseHow did my training go?  I didn’t stick to the plan exactly.  In fact, I probably estimated a 67% success rate.  For me, this is huge.  Of course I still don’t feel fully prepared to DOMINATE the Dopey Challenge.  However, I do feel ready to COMPLETE it.  Back in the early days of training, I had visions of busting out a marathon PR, not stopping to walk until mile 17 of the marathon and essentially skipping across the finish line.  Don’t worry, I’ve since adjusted these expectations.

It happened slowly, adjusting my standards.  I accepted that walking will be part of my success, not a detriment to it.  Allowing my expectations of myself to be more manageable makes me feel more confident that I will, indeed finish it.  It’s so strange!  This “phenomenon” has happened to me before.  When I wanted to first lose weight, it didn’t actually happen until I stopped hating my body.  Learning to appreciate it, was the catalyst to eating better and moving around more.  I used to pray every night that I would wake up in the morning thin.  It was hard work and acceptance that ultimately helped me drop 85 lbs.  I know hard work and acceptance is the key to finishing the Dopey Challenge.

1d1e6693fd685f88224b956e95f2b64eMy mental game is a 1000% stronger than last year at this time!  It’s even stronger than it was for the Nike Women’s marathon.  Not to mention, I’m excited about having fun during this run.  I was so dreading it last year – I didn’t want to fail.  I finally got it through my thick skull that failure is not measured in finish times.  My only goal for the Dopey Challenge is to complete all four races.  During every training run I envision myself crossing the finish line.  I’ve seen it so many times I know I can make it happen.  While I’m nervous, I’m also excited!

I’ll talk more about my strategy for the race tomorrow.  I’ve got an idea in mind so writing it out will be helpful.

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