hello hokas and a running coach

I mentioned before heading down to FL I wanted to check out a pair of Hokas.  I’ve been wildly curious about them and considering I’ve falling in love with cushion I like the idea of MORE!  Maybe they would help with some of my aches and pains?

this kid and I probably feel the same way

Anyway, it just so happened there was a Hoka booth at the WDW expo.  A very nice sales woman answered my questions, namely “are these just for ultra runners?”.  I do tend to jump on running trends and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t too overzealous.  The saleswoman took me through three different variations and I really liked the Kailua Tarmac shoe, which doesn’t have as much cushion as the trail or other road shoe.  Two immediate things I loved?  I loved how it cupped my heel and still had a decent size toe box.  A happy mawwiage since I love the toe box of my Brooks and the heel cuppage of my Mizunos.

Per Sweat Once a Day, I found a great deal at RunningWarehouse so I placed an order.  We’ll see – I’m hopeful and excited.  I mean, c’mon, NEW RUNNING SHOES!

hello lovlies
hello lovlies

Also prior to my trek down to sunshine and heat, I was ruminating on getting a running coach.  My friend, Ragnar running buddy and fellow blogger Jamie at Running Diva Mom recently started coaching full time.  Jamie is so inspirational and so encouraging; when we ran Ragnar she squelched my worries about being a “good enough” runner for the group.  She started numerous couch to 5k programs in WI and has inspired so many new runners!

I stole this from Running Diva Mom's fb page.  Jamie really is this pumped about running!
I stole this from Running Diva Mom’s fb page. Jamie really is this pumped about running!

Why a coach?  I want to shave some time off of my 1/2 marathon time.  Recently, I ran a 2:24 and my PR is 2:04.  I would LOVE to run a sub-2 hour!  While I understand speed work and other things are necessary to get there, I am not quite sure what those “other things” are exactly! Or how/when/why to do them.  Jamie is a certified coach and she will become my running guru!  As a swimmer in high school, I did really well with a coach and I feel this extra motivation will help.  I’m filling out my information and am looking forward to this different approach to running.  I’m nervous, although I can’t necessarily describe why!

These upcoming changes make running feel exciting again!  I was all hopped up on these fist in the air feelings and jumped on the treadmill.  I ran 3 miles and they seemed to last forever, haha.  At least I did a few intervals!  It didn’t dampen my spirit though and I’m filling out all of my pre-coaching paper work!

how I feel after a treadmill work out… yet I go back for more!

2 thoughts on “hello hokas and a running coach

  1. I’m anxious to see how you like Hokas. Everyone I know that runs in them is a mega ultra miler with insane miles, so its nice to see a runner like me test them out

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