cat vomit is a form of foreshadowing

I’ve started to figure out that when Simon gets all ornery and doesn’t want to eat that he doesn’t feel well.  Yes, I am extremely perceptive and it’s only taken 7 years to put this pattern together.  I was waiting on the vomit since yesterday morning.  It was a sign

Sure enough the day was obnoxious.  I was irritated for the entire day and it just felt like everything was a process.  By the time I got home at 5:30 pm, I was beat.  REI processed my return incorrectly and rather than giving me a refund they sent me a gift card.  I wasn’t amused.  20 minutes on the phone did not resolve this issue but Simon finally puked so I guess some of the suspense was now over and maybe the crabby day would be done.

sicky face magee here needed some snuggling to make him feel better
sicky face magee here needed some snuggling to make him feel better

Thankfully I had my sweatpants and this to make me feel better :

my special friend
my special friend

I realize I shouldn’t be eating my stress away but a) this is my favorite ice cream ever and Kzoo finally got a Baskin Robbins and b) I decided I didn’t care!

Meanwhile, I haven’t been able to stop my fingers from googling races.  Yay!  Since my joyous reunion with distance running a week and a half ago I’ve been itching to hit the “register” button.  On.Every.Race.  It’s like I’m in an alien tracking beam.

look at he-man’s form at the end of the gif – pretty impressive toe-point!

Thankfully, I’ve held off… for the moment.  I know there are always races that I’ll sign up for along the way.  This year I don’t have a major destination marathon in the works.  I am going to do the Detroit Freepress Marathon in October (as long as time off works).  Detroit has garnered rave reviews and the fun fact of running over the border and into Canada and back is nifty.  The medals have a car on them, too.

I let my coach know, I want to cross the finish line of a 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours this year.  Jamie totally thinks this can be done.  I do agree with her, however, I want to give myself two options to achieve this: 1) Sunburst 1/2 in South Bend, IN.  You get to run through the Notre Dame stadium for the end of the race and proceeds benefit the NICU where my friend’s baby spent the first few days.  Race day is May 31st.  2)  Park to Park in Holland, MI.  I did this race this past Sept and it was my return to distance running.  I cried a bit as I hugged the pacers since they played a significant role in me finishing.  This race is Sept 27th.

Of course there are always a ton of other options with regards to finish lines.  I’m positive something else will catch my eye and I will figure out a way to register and run.  The Flying Pig marathon is one I’ve had my eye on and hopefully 2015 will be the year I can sign up for this little piggy!  Then there are 10k’s (my favorite) and 5k’s (less favorite) that I do every year as well.

How do you decide which races to sign up for?

Do you like to run the same race over and over?

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