running and birthday-ing

Last week I took a running and blogging hiatus.  I didn’t plan on it nor did I do it on purpose.  My birthday was on Monday (wahoo!) and then the rest of the week I was plagued with migraines.  Thankfully, I am feeling better this week and have jumped back on the running train.

Monday, 2/3 was the start of my plan with my running coach.  Sooo, having to admit to her that I didn’t get any running in was embarrassing.  I almost admitted I did a run on 2/2 but considering it had been a miserable 2 miles I decided not to even bother.

Jamie’s a way better coach than this!

Jamie was really sweet about it though.  She is the type of person/coach who you don’t want to disappoint.  This works WAY better for me than someone screaming in my face.  I also decided to watch some nature documentaries during my treadmill runs which is actually highly entertaining!  I start yelling and cheering for whichever animal is being highlighted.  I do get slightly heart-broken when a poor creature becomes a meal.

I’m fairly certain my cheers saved the sloth from the giant “jungle eagle”

And my first round of speed work was also on the docket.  Yep, no joke.  I’ve seen my treadmill speed average increase since I got back from Dopey.  What I like about speed work in general is when you pump up the number to run faster bringing it back down again feels so much easier.  Even if originally that lower speed felt tough.  Speed work can definitely display improvements or make me believe I’m improving!

As I mentioned, my birthday was last week.  I always get thoughtful around this time.  I evaluate my life and sometimes I base my life on a very unrealistic scale!  This year, I worked to put a new year into perspective.  It was helpful!  The weekend right before my birthday and then this past weekend, I’ve been spending a lot of time overhauling my apt.  Get this:  I FINALLY got rid of the last cardboard box from my move!  Big deal my friends, big deal.

I also have an overly filled car waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill and some items for consignment.  There are more clothing items to corral, too.  Clothes are one of the tougher things for me to get rid of.  I’ve watched some of my friends go through their clothes and they are some quick little whippersnappers!  Not me!  Then there are some other things that my mom gave me or remind me of her and those can’t go in one of the give-away piles either.  Medium-sized steps are still steps though so I’m happy.

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day and happy weekend!

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