like a wrecking ball

Tuesday came in like a wrecking ball.

this cracks me up – his little bum is so funny!

I felt really ill and ended up losing my breakfast.  Sorry for the TMI but it this has a point (sort of).  Wednesday morning I still didn’t feel very well but much better than the day before.  After work I went for a fantastic run, came home and seriously, the endorphins were running wild!  And I was hungry for the first time in two days.  “I know!” I said to myself, “I’m going to have chicken taquitos!”  They are homemade but still, what is wrong with me?!  My poor tender tummy was quite displeased with me.  (I used this recipe from Annie’s Eats and I strongly recommend it!)

Alright, onto my fabulous run!  Like everywhere, MI has seen better winters.  In fact, this is the worst winter since 1996 or something.  Snow.  Snow EVERYWHERE, ALL DAY!  I came to a conclusion yesterday – like my T-Rex ancestors, I would not have survived the Ice Age.  On Monday I was so cold I just curled up in blankets and sweatpants/hoodie for a couple of hours.  My bones hurt.  Essentially, I would’ve been the weak link.

I couldn't find where this originated!  I'm sorry artist
I couldn’t find where this originated! I’m sorry artist

Anyway, when it got up to 40* yesterday I knew I wanted to run outside.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only runner with this thought – we were all over campus!  The first 2 miles weren’t great.  Campus is cleared really well but outside this radius sidewalks are still nasty so I just zig-zagged around as many dry sidewalks as I could find.  This included so.many.hills.

this was under the search “running hills”

At mile 2.45 I started to get into a groove and I didn’t want to sit on the side of the street hoping someone would pick me up anymore.  At mile 3.88 I realized I needed to start pushing the pace.  It definitely hurt but in that, “I’m a strong runner!” kind of way.  I finished out the run with 5 miles and negative splits.  I tweeted about it and my friend/coworker sent me this – I couldn’t stop laughing!

we share an office too - I laugh a lot
we share an office too – I laugh a lot

I forgot how happy running outside makes me.  I also forgot I had a 1/2 marathon in a week and half.  Truthfully, I thought it was March 15th and then I got an email on Monday saying it was March 2nd.  This is sooner than March 15th.  Oopsie.  It won’t be my best 1/2 ever.  However, I’m doing it with friends, it’s the 2nd year of this local 1/2 and a ton of area runners will be there.  It will be like a mini runner reunion.  Essentially, a really fun day with some pain!  Oh and a t-shirt and medal of course!

actually, I have no idea if there is a medal or not but this was sparkly… I liked it

Oh and my wish for a Twilight marathon came true!  Thank you FXX!

Do you ever get race dates mixed up?

3 thoughts on “like a wrecking ball

  1. Actually yes. I’m surprised myself because I’m pretty organized. But I have a race on 2/28 and another one on 3/21, and for some reason I got them mixed up and thought they were 2/21 and 3/28. This went on for a couple months up til a month ago when I realized my mistake..

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