diy all the things!

Edited:  I looked up “diy gif” and there was one of a guy cutting off his thumb.  I’m hoping it was fake.  Nasty.

I’ve mentioned it before but when I get really into obsessed with something, I like to buy EVERYTHING all at once.  I have so many ideas running through my mind that I want to just dive in – of course I need all of the supplies, right?

ohhh yes, my glue gun is my new favorite tool!

*Sigh*.  Traditionally this leads to my partial downfall.  I will buy everything but then start to lose momentum.  Pretty soon, there are 1/2 started projects all around me.  They clutter up the place (even more) and I put off finishing them.  I’ve got all of the supplies after all, so I can do it anytime!  Fast forward and only 1/2 of them are done.  And some of the fun part is over with.  Boo.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and thought of a really great idea for a mini makeover for my bedroom.  It will look neato when all finished.  But as I wrote about earlier, I purchased some canvases to paint my bird-branch-masterpiece.  I also picked up some paint to fix-up these small mirrors I have, the triangle banner isn’t hung yet, nor is the twine up that I will adhere pictures to.

Clearly, I have a problem!

So once I found the decor I wanted for my room, I was all ready to hit BUY.  Magically, I held off and committed to not buying it until I’ve finished a few of the other pending projects.  Big deal for me folks!  I’m very impatient person and this pre-buying everything was modeled for me by my mum.  We both have/had all of these amazing ideas and our brains are/were filled with creative ideas!  However, the follow through isn’t/wasn’t all that great.  I very much want to work on this since it’s one of the paths that lead to some of my hoarding in the first place.  Despite my major desire to purchase all the supplies, I’m holding strong to this idea of completing projects before getting everything for the new ones that are swimming around in my brain.

***Awkward transition***  Treadmill run again today.  Thankfully, it was a better than the one the other night.  I did some squats, burpees and some ab work to warm up my muscles.  I definitely think this was part of the problem the other night.  I fueled up with some caffeine as well.  I ordered the coffee protein drink Click a year back but never tried it (eek – recurring theme?!) until yesterday.  I didn’t it mix it well enough and the clumps were very slimy.  Today, I grabbed my alcohol shaker and it worked like a charm.  The boost of energy is appreciated as is the extra protein.  Just don’t drink the bottom dredges when you are almost finished – this is where the slimy chunks live.

this is familiar but still grateful!  I wouldn’t be running at all without my trusty tready!

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