my internet connection went on strike

For those of you who are new to these parts, I have lots of issues with my internet.  I’ve been put in “internet detention” more times than I like to count and sometimes the connection isn’t reliable.  However, I thought most of these first world troubles were behind me.  Insert evil laugh by my router.

this is my version of “foreshadowing”

The router’s shenanigans have been going on for days.  I did all I could to fix it (with my limited techy knowledge) and I read completely confusing directions on how I might be able to reboot it.  Umm… nope.  Finally, yesterday I bit the bullet and ordered a new one.  Naturally, when I got home 2 hours later it magically started working again.  I may have called this inanimate object some not-so-nice names.

Oh well.  Life has been moving along here.  Get this, yesterday it was in the upper 40’s and the sun was shining!  It was pretty amazing.  People were out in shorts and short sleeves.  Now, I don’t think it was quite warm enough for this but it was positively wonderful.  Everyone was in a much better mood too which was nice.

I’ve also been running.  Last Thursday I did 5 miles with some speed work.  You know how runners write they did 10×9309235 and this makes sense to people?  It has never made sense to me.  I mean, I got the overall theme but I didn’t understand how to put it into practice.  On Thursday, I just decided to run hard for a certain time length.  I picked 2 mins and pushed it.  Whew!  I think I did this 5 times?  Well, once I looked at the distance, I had gone .25 of a mile suddenly I understood!  So I did 5×200.  I think.

this is how I felt!

Friday I hit the treadmill again for 4 miles.  My goal here was to run each mile without a break in between.  When on the ol’ ‘mill, I have to pause and/or walk a lot more than when I’m running outside.  Or maybe it’s because there aren’t any natural stops on the treadmill, i.e. a stop light.  This was a good challenge for me!  I proved to myself I can run further than I anticipated and I got into a decent rhythm.

Saturday my legs were fatigued!  I decided going to Red Robin for french fries and campfire sauce was a much better option than running.  Sunday I accomplished 8 miles.  In order to get the miles in around campus I had to back track a bit and run up and down ALL OF THE HILLS.  I wish I was exaggerating!  Oh and then the headwind was really helpful.  I felt very pleased with myself when this was run was said and done.  There was one point at mile 6.5 where I pushing it up another hill.  My mind started screaming “uncle” and I started to halt.  But I kept trudging up that hill.  I wish I could say it was pure heart and determination, however, I’m certain it was muscle memory.


After the running, I’ve been stretching, foam rolling and doing a bit of ab work.  The ab work isn’t enough to make a major dent but I need a gateway to something more substantial.  The stretching and foam rolling are quite helpful with some twingy areas.  About 5 years ago, after a bad break up, I decided to see how many days I could go without a rest day (I also wasn’t eating much or sleeping – it was a great/healthy time).  I made it 20 days.  Back then, I hadn’t incurred any injuries yet which was only because I was a new runner.  I had no idea how to care for my runner body and never stretched.  My body looks back at those days and curses my silly ways!

And here is a cute gif of a pig

Hope your Monday was a good one!  Welcome Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “my internet connection went on strike

  1. GO GIRL!!! =) But you silly goof – if you did .25 of a mile that would be 400 meters. So, you actually did 5×400!!! =)

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