running is like xanax

The weather gods have been kind to me as of late.  Not that I’ve necessarily taken advantage of all of the beautiful running weather but where I have it’s been good.

I’m sure this connects… or it doesn’t and it just made me laugh

Yesterday it dawned on me that it was a perfect day for a lunch run.  It was humid but overcast with a breeze, so good for a midday run.  I got home from the office quickly, changed and was out the door.

I have been remembering to take water with me and even though it wasn’t as hot as my Saturday run, I still drank almost half of a bottle of water.  I’m improving!  The run felt pretty decent but I can definitely tell much of my endurance is lost.  Of course this rattles my confidence some since I have another 1/2 marathon next weekend (July 21st).  I know I will simply need to “suck it up buttercup,” my new slogan.  I mentioned it before but I want to eliminate the urge/choice that I can simply skip a race because it will be hard.  I can do tough things.  I can follow through.  I know it and now I need to believe it.  So no backing out of next weekend.  My fate is sealed.  Then I’ll get a medal.

well, it’s one of the reasons I race – love me some bling

Saturday night I took to the streets for an easy run.  It was kind of lousy.  After an afternoon marathon of Orange is the New Black (still haven’t finished season one – working on it) I got up to go.  You know, laying on the couch all day does NOT make for fresh running legs.  It makes for lethargic, lead filled legs that scream, “take us back to the couch, crazy woman!”  After running/walking my way through a few miles, I cried uncle and bagged it.  While it was toasty and humid out, I could have persevered, I just completely set myself up for failure.  Wait – this is my MO.

The run yesterday did help to shake away some of the lingering anxiety from Sunday.  Why do I forget the power of movement and endorphins?!  Lately, I’ve been wishing my doctor wouldn’t have balked at giving me Xanax for days like Sunday when I can’t get the inner shakes under control.  Yes, I understand the whole “highly addictive” piece however, I think I could fight that… Nonetheless, she said no.  I need to remember that a run can certainly act like a Xanax without the feeling of being hung over the next day (always a bonus).  Maybe if I tattoo this on my forearm I’ll remember.

running is great!

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