ron swanson tells my running story

I’m not going to lie… I’m damn proud of myself.

While on vacation, I ran every day but two.  I even ran the day I left for WA before my flight!  One of the days I didn’t run was because we had wedding set up but I was able to incorporate a 2.5 mile walk throughout the day.  Success.  The other day was my travel back to MI day (which took 17 hours by the way – I also used ALL forms of transportation.  A car, a ferry, a train and a plane.  I really love my family.)  Were the runs exceptional?  Nope.  In fact some of them were pretty rough but I did them and it was what I needed to start kicking my buns in gear.

ron recognizes my awesomeness

I wanted to do a longer run so I decided to run from my sister’s house to her work.  The trip was going to be about 6 miles and my original plan was to run back to her house after we had lunch.  I know, I am not sure how I worked running after eating in my brain and spoiler, running back didn’t happen.  Anyway, I set out.  I left about 11:30, which was later than I intended but still was enough time to meet my sister at 12:45 pm.  It was cooler temps, *75 so I didn’t think I needed to bring water.  Why do I do this?!  Have I not learned my lesson by now?  It’s freakin’ sunny and makes it even warmer.  Ugh.

Naturally, I got lost.  There was a trail that would have made this run very scenic, cooler and 6 miles.  It is also less complicated.  However, I somehow turned the trail into the old highway and followed that instead.  I kept taking wrong turns and stopping to ask drivers for directions.  Funny thing is, people drive kind of fast on old highways so getting people to stop was tougher than I considered.

The first car I got to stop was lost as well.  They offered me a ride but I declined.  A) they were lost too, so would this really help?  B) if they were kidnappers, I don’t think I could fend off 3 people.  The next car that stopped was an older gentleman.  He also offered me a ride, along with accurrate directions and I declined that offer as well.

I continued to run.  I flagged down another truck after a while because it didn’t seem like I was going in the right direction.  Oh and get this, I had written the directions down to my sister’s office on a post it AND WAS CARRYING IT!  You know what?  This doesn’t help when you aren’t on the correct street to begin with.  Anyway, guy in truck barely slowed down so apprantely I look like a serial killer and he just yelled directions to me.

my serial killer smile?

By this time, I was frustrated, tired, hot and crazy thirsty.  I was also running out of time.  I ran another mile and half and finally came to a plant nursery that I thought I could call my sister from to come pick me up.  A woman in an expensive car (this will come into play) stopped and I asked her for directions.  She said, “do you want a ride?”.  I accepted.  I realize this isn’t proper runner protocol.  Heck, I realize accepting rides from strangers isn’t any type of proper protocol but I was done.  She was very nice and drove me my sister’s dental office… except it was the wrong one.  I felt bad so I went into the wrong one and asked to call their competion (my sister’s) and they kindly took pity on me.  They also gave me some water.  The expensive car part?  Well, I left that leather seat SWEATY!  I felt so bad so I tried to slide my butt across the seat to kind of mop it up.  Nope.  Didn’t really help.  Sorry nice lady!

did this work to distract your attention? I did the same thing to nice lady but I don’t remember what I said… maybe I just held some intense eye contact… great… now I’m the creeper…

My sister really enjoyed this story, as did my neice.  As has everyone else I’ve told it to.  Hope you did too.  All in all, I got 7 miles in that day.  I called it a win.  I also ate a super tasty sandwhich on the beach with my niece and sister and this compeltely overruled the option of running back.  Seriously, when are they going to invent a device to implant into my brain that will make sure I go in the right direction?  I get lost.all.the.time.

To conclude this post, I ran while on vacation.  I am fabulous.

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