running & sickness aren’t besties

Here is a recap of an actual race I ran this past Saturday!

The Peacock Strut is one of my all-time favorite races.  It was the first 10k I ever did, is a local race, is cheap and is only about 20-25 minutes from my apartment so even when I have to work, I can still race (as was the situation this weekend).  The thing is, I was waffling about running it this year.  I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to make the whole distance given my sketchy training lately.  Not to mention, I’ve been feeling crummy off and on as of late, more than likely anxiety induced and Friday wasn’t great within the health realm.

I know, gross but seriously people, my tummy is pissy pants

I told office mate I was going to run it.  He is a good person for me to tell my plans to because he checks up – as I’ve asked him to.  Because I felt crummy, I didn’t go sign up/pick up my packet the night before.  This certainly wasn’t a good way to boost my wavering commitment to running.  Nevertheless, I managed to drag my sorry bum out of bed in the morning and right out into the rain.  Strike two.  I’ve never run in the rain and it being chilly AND rainy wasn’t on my agenda for the morning.

Was there a strike three?  Nah, not really.  I sat in the car as I had some extra time before the race and pep talked myself into walking to the start line.  In the rain.  The weather channel said there was a 20% chance of rain (LIES!) but that it would be over in 25 mins.  I kept telling myself I could withstand anything for 25 mins!

okay, so I was in a really bad mood at this point

The race went well!  I really like the course and my form was on point.  I had to stop to fix my shoe early on – do any of you have one foot that needs/likes the laces tighter but the other foot doesn’t?  I find this odd.  I didn’t wear any sort of timing device nor did I have my headphones.  It was nice.  I was worried I would need to stop and walk as I wasn’t trying to be conservative with my pace.  Then I decided to just go for it and started a mantra of, “run this mile” since worrying about the future ones wasn’t doing any good.  Wouldn’t you know it?  No walking and kept to what I felt to be a fairly consistent pace!

It wasn’t my fastest 10k ever – in fact, maybe it was my slowest?  I’m good with this.  I came home after some sweaty errands (sorry for my stinky-self fellow shoppers!) and ran three more miles for a total of 9 miles for the day.  And get this, 4 miles on Sunday!  Maybe my first back to back weekend runs ever!

Oh the sicky-ness I mentioned above?  Hung around a bit and then came back with a vengeance on Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday.  Fever on Sunday and Monday and you know, some vomiting to round out the fun.  Never a dull moment with this health of mine!

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