my brain is lost in translation

1.  Another brain dump Friday… I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for a week.  I need to kick this business into a more productive gear.

2.  For the last three days I was at a conference.  It was pretty decent and I had a good time with my coworkers.

3.  It was great to network with others in my field.  Even better it’s a regional conference so essentially, we are networking with our neighbors.  I’m lousy at networking in general and this has been a good way for me to practice at a smaller scale.

4.  They fed us.  A lot.  I’m here to say, it was so absolutely delicious!  I ate more than necessary and then there would be snack time.  I had a donut hole that was out of this world, a nice, juicy steak with a cream sauce and plenty of other delights.  Then all of their deserts were presented in fresh and fancy ways.  I dug it.

5.   Pool running.  I went.  I haven’t posted my race recap from last weekend but I hurt my ankle.  I decided to give it a go since it was stiff and I also was so stuffed with food, that I hoped it would burn it off a bit.  Now, I am not quite sure I did the pool running correctly.  I recognize this might sound silly but I feel like my mechanics were off.  Either way, I did 40 mins, was able to avoid the drunk guy who kept watching me (ew) and then had a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

6.  Through all of these food comas, early mornings, some late-ish nights and being gone, my brain is complete mush.  I was at lunch with my co-workers and suddenly I realized I was missing a meeting.  I jumped up exclaiming, “owheotuodjaos9idogioruoridjapo”.  Everyone just looked at me.  I’m certain, I meant to say something like, “I’m late for a meeting, gotta jet” but some garbly-gook came out instead.

7.  New rock tape.  yay!

8.  Here are the two videos I’ve used for taping my ankle.  I have an older owie-spot (I’m hesitant to write “injury” as I never went to the doctor.  It just hurts) that is on the top part of my ankle.  This is the one for that.  After searching the internet, I’ve deduced that I’ve aggravated my peroneal tendon.  I’ve used this video for taping instructions.  I found a blog article by Fitness Cheerleader that referenced it and described my symptoms, which was a big help.  I’ve yet to double up on both taping methods but that is probably what I will do this weekend as I am to embark on some longer runs.

9.  I’m a bit uncomfortable with my own self today.  I don’t like it.  My clothes aren’t fitting right, things are hurting and the couch feels like the only answer.  But joke is on me and my body because running is probably the only thing that will make me feel better.  (hmmm… perhaps the whole eating the world thing earlier this week was a bit of a mistake)

Okay, I’m done.

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