5k success

Yesterday was the Campus Classic.  This was the first race I ever ran and I’ve run it every year since.  Friday I realized I haven’t run a 5k since Dopey.  Suddenly I became a bit nervous!  I actually walked out of my apartment without my bib – race day jitters at their finest.

I laid out my outfit the night before.  My “cougar skirt” from Skirt Sports, my favorite race shirt and some arm warmers.  It’s been a mild fall so I didn’t want to overdress – this turned out to be perfect.  Office mate was running it too (his first 5k in years!) and he surprised me and our other co-worker with matching socks.

pink cheetah sockHot pink cheetah knee-highs definitely made me go faster.

The course is hilly.  It’s tough for sure and at one point a fellow runner asked, “are you serious? how many MORE hills?!”  I grunted in agreement because anything else would have taken too much effort.  Nevertheless, I was really pleased with my efforts.  I ran two miles on Friday night but those were the first two miles I’d run in two weeks so my hopes weren’t very high.  I didn’t walk at all AND my last mile was a minute faster than my previous two!  Who am I?!  Now, the last mile didn’t have the two steep hills as the first two but it certainly wasn’t flat.

I started sprinting a bit early as I was SPENT by the time I crossed the finish line.  Funny thing, I spent a lot of time trudging through long runs, which is what I needed to do.  Running a short and hard effort brought me back to my running roots.  I came home and signed up for another 5k next weekend.  It’s a much smaller race than the Campus Classic but it’s also held on campus, which means… hills.  Again.  I’m looking forward to it.

After the race a few of us met to partake in one other Homecoming event – a pancake breakfast.  This wasn’t just an assembly line of hotcakes mind you.  Oh no, there was a professional pancake flipper in attendance!  I know, I didn’t even know this was a profession!  I’m guessing it’s more of a calling though…

this griddle fascinated me
this griddle fascinated me
pancake flipper action shot!
pancake flipper action shot!

It was cool!  He had this machine thing that “poured” batter in a line and he was able to move it down the griddle.  Then you stood a couple of feet from him and he flipped the pancake at you.  It was so neat!  Of course, that meant you had to catch it.  It was a bit of pressure to say the least.  To my pleasure I caught both pancakes – phew!

I don't know these people but they caught their breakfast!
I don’t know these people but they caught their breakfast!

Then my couch greeted me with open arms – it’s so welcoming.

2 thoughts on “5k success

  1. Congrats! Ha, i know what you mean – I didn’t run a 5k until a few months after Dopey and I was so nervous. You really do need to practice how to pace these races.

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