monday… come at me, bro

I’m certain I’m meant to live in a fortress of harmony where negativity is not allowed.  There is a moat surrounding it as well, just to make sure nothing penetrates my happiness.

Alas, I’ve yet to find this as an option.

Some highlights of my day today:

Some snarky emails to start my morning out right.  These are part of a whole & complete breakfast, correct?

A flood in one of my buildings.  Thankfully, the damage is more to our end of things as opposed to that of our guests.

Then I was bitched out by an 18 year old.  I don’t think I was miss congeniality in response either, although this was only after I had been berated for a few minutes.  I wasn’t prepared for the attack and she came in guns blaring.  I was a bit dumbfounded to be honest.  I regrouped (sort of) and tried to finish the conversation as professionally as possible.

And because it wouldn’t really be a Monday in my life if one more little thing couldn’t be added – it started raining poo in one of my other buildings.

At this point, I started laughing.  The absurdity of both the emails and getting my ass handed to me by a youngster made me chuckle.  Not to mention, anytime you can say, “it’s raining poo inside the building” you are guaranteed some kind of weird sense of happiness.

I will admit sugar called my name.  In the break room this morning there were/are brownies with freakin’ frosting – a personal love of mine.  At lunch when I was munching away on my lovely salad (actually it really was good) I got to witness ice cream cones and cookies pass me by.  It was a legit parade of sugar. (Oh and they had corn dogs in the cafeteria today – I love me a good corn dog)  After all of this, I wanted a coffee loaded with sugar and dairy.

I had none of these.

I still want them though.  I really do think they would make me feel better!  On the lighter side of this Whole30 business, I made a pot roast last night!  I am immensely proud of myself.  Cooking red meat (aside from ground beef) has always intimidated me.  It’s weird – I feel like I reached some kind of important milestone…

I’m off to find my fortress of peace.  Or at the very least become a recluse – with internet and cable of course.  I don’t want to hail back to the dark ages; I just don’t want to talk to people.  Especially on a Monday.


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