day 13 of the whole30 & feeling a bit salty

Day 13

I made it through the first week of no sugar, dairy, grains or legumes.  The sugar deprivation was/is still challenging.  You see, I depend on sugar as a coping mechanism – taking that away means I get to ride out some of those feelings.  I think I like my feelings covered in chocolate better…

Nevertheless, I’m wicked proud of myself.  Foods I thought I would miss terribly haven’t been overly strong on my radar, which is also surprising.  I miss foods being convenient but I don’t always miss those foods.  Well, except for yogurt.  I really like yogurt.

How I’m feeling:

I haven’t experienced that “jump out of bed with the energy of 10 super humans” quite yet.  I’m not a morning person & am guessing this will never change.  I DO wake up & don’t feel quite as groggy as I did before.  And as promised, I have more sustainable energy throughout the day.   I don’t feel I’m thinking with more clarity or anything like that-but I don’t feel like a zombie either.  Also, I have more energy/drive to do things (like cook a meal) when I get done with work.

I’ve lost inches.  I can feel it in the clothes I’m wearing.  I’ve followed orders & not stepped on the scale & honoring this has been a struggle.  I just want to KNOW!  But as I mentioned, I don’t feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man anymore.  I’m guessing this could have something to do with the fact that my coffee drinks were clocking in at a whopping 330 calories every morning.  Cutting these for a week was equal to the number of calories necessary to lose a pound.  It definitely makes me think about future coffee ingredients.

Last week I would be starving by the time my next meal hit.  It was obnoxious.  I kept feeling I shouldn’t be that hungry given the amount of food I felt like I was eating.  Where did it go?  Suddenly I was envisioning tighter pants & I was worried.  This week it has somewhat calmed down.  I’m certainly hungry for my next meal but I don’t feel like a bottomless pit anymore.

There are good things about this process/plan.  Today I’m feeling kind of ragey and emotional.  There are some hormones to blame (so there are some non-stable emotions involved and way to much pain that I can’t take motrin for) , my stomach isn’t feeling up to par and what I really WANT is a diet 7up.  Or something… seriously, I don’t know what it is.  But this morning, I almost started crying when I thought about the next 17 cups of crappy coffee I’m going to be drinking and then DID start crying when office mate asked me what was wrong.  Sure, I was feeling a bit salty about a few other things but nothing that warranted actual tears.  And there were tears – plural – none of that one dramatic, yet soulful tear sliding down the cheek.  Nope, facial floodsville.  It does coincide with the Whole30 timeline.  Essentially, I’m grieving some of my lost foods.  This probably attributes to my not knowing what I want per say just that I want ALL of the foods I am not currently eating.

I hear ya, Britt

I’m guessing this phase will pass?  It says it will but I’m having my doubts on this Friday afternoon…  I’m sticking it out though…

***I made it through –  day 14

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