I dig this

I know… You might be getting tired of hearing about all of this Whole30 business and I promise, tomorrow will be an entirely different topic.  However, these 30 days are a major influence in my life at the moment so a topic here it will stay.

After my emotional train wreck on Friday, Saturday and today have been better.  It probably helps that the jeans I wore on Friday were looser on Saturday – obviously, I can be easily swayed.  Yesterday, I slept in until 9:30 am and then took about an hour nap.  I was exhausted, which probably came into play with the whole tears for fears deal.  I also hit up the grocery store last night.

I had no idea the party was at the grocery store on Saturday eves

Want to know something strange?  The grocery store was PACKED – and it was 5 pm.  Seriously, this place was hoppin’ – too bad as I was looking forward to a ghost town shopping experience.  Nevertheless, the following are some items I picked up (or just want to tell you about) because they make me happy.

1.  The Frosted Pine Febreeze holiday candle.  Great scott – it’s fabulous.  I feel like I’m cheating on Thanksgiving a bit as I don’t like to kick off Christmas until I’m good and stuffed with turkey, but I caved.  It’s the perfect blend of pine and whatever else.  It’s a light Christmas tree scent that permeates my apt.  I feel this scent is tough to master because it can either be overpowering or smell like men’s aftershave.  This is a winner – the secret is out too, because I had to find it at another store.

2.  Bacon from Target.  Bacon is hard to find because it’s cured with sugar – or at least most of the brands I’ve read the labels for.  Oddly enough, it’s the fact that it’s 60% less sodium that does the trick so I’m thinking it doesn’t take sugar to balance out the salt during the curing process.  Anyway, it’s handy.

currently, this is my reaction every time I find out there is sugar in something I want to buy

3.  These über delicious little energy balls.  I made them last week and I ate 2 a day.  They were perfect as an afternoon snack and then one in the evening.  They came together quickly and I’m making another batch tomorrow.  I will be making these long after these 30 days are over.

4.  Our local butcher shop.  I got some hot dogs from them and I am over the moon in love.  Store-bought hot dogs simply can’t compare.  I will be going back next week for some frozen chicken and more hot dogs.  Because I’m obsessed.

I legit professed my love for said butcher shop while I was there.

5.  The tv show, Jane the Virgin.  LOVE!  It’s on the CW on Monday nights and it is a very cute show.  I highly recommend it.

6.  Costco.  Okay, this isn’t a new love affair but since I moved to Kalamazoo, I don’t have access to one.  All that changes on Nov. 12!  Wahoo!  I’ve already purchased my membership and there may or may not be a countdown on my fridge.  I love Costco.  It’s a great company and their products rock.  Not to mention, its roots are WA based so there is some home state love going on.  Office mate has never been and I just keep telling him how fabulous it is.  I don’t think he quite believes me…

yeah, I don’t get it either

7.  Oh and of course, the Whole30.  I’ve been pinning recipes and reading through some blog posts about the experience of others.  I’m actually cooking real live meals and even experimenting a bit.  This week?  Mahi-mahi fish tacos, a chicken stir fry and cauliflower rice.  I’ve never had fish tacos and I purchased purple cauliflower for a fun flair.  I’m in some new territory.

Oh!  And this buzzfeed – Skeletor (from the cartoon He-Man) affirmations.  I can’t even tell you how much I love these!



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