less is more

Day 23.  I officially have “completed” more days than I have left.  Yes, I realize we all know how math works but I’m so happy!  Essentially, it’s like the moment I hit mile 14 in the marathon while doing Dopey.  At that point I knew I could finish.  And as you know, (PSA), knowledge is power!

one of my prouder life moments
one of my prouder life moments

To be honest – I really felt this way last week around day 17.  It was nice to be a tad bit more than half way done.  As per my experience, my feelings are mixed on this Whole30 deal.  If you would like to read what I have so far, my posts are here, and here.   I refer to the timeline quite a bit on the Whole30 site as I found it to be fairly accurate.  Unfortunately, some pieces are still missing.

1.  Where is my mo’fo’ Tiger Blood?!  Seriously, I’m currently awaiting feeling like I have 20 thousand watts of energy coursing through my body.  I DO have more energy but I expected feeling like a bunny – bounding about in a meadow.  No bunny feelings here.  I’m a bit disappointed.

tiger blood
my bro-in-law sent me this so at least I could have a picture of my non-existent tiger blood

2.  Losing inches and weight is where it’s at man.  I was reading through a blog somewhere on the interwebs and they were writing that doing the Whole30 and eating paleo was a way to lose weight without doing any work.  Umm… no.  Yep, there is an initial weight loss from cutting sugar and it’s true I’ve yet to really work out, however, it has been work.  Maybe not in the way we usually think about it but still work.  Not to mention, I’m sure just like with any elimination diet, you can still gain weight due to portions.

3.  This weekend I went to a dear friend’s daughter’s first birthday.  Yay!  I was THAT person.  I brought my own pork chop for lunch as they were having pulled pork with bbq sauce.  I ate the veggies (thanks!)!  At cake time, I brought one of my breakfast “cookies” to help ward off some of sugar’s siren’s call.  We went out to dinner later that evening and brunch the next day and both times I went all When Harry Met Sally on them.  I felt like an idiot.  A high maintenance idiot at that.

4.  On my drive out of town, I stopped by McDonald’s for an ice coffee – black.  Along with my pork chop, I brought some almond milk.  I pulled up to the window and the handed me a cup of deliciousness, a.k.a. coffee with cream and sugar.  I’m not even kidding when a part of me ALMOST just took it and ran!  But I explained the error and a not-as-tasty coffee was passed along to me instead.  *Sigh*.

5.  Essentially, in times of stress or sadness, I still want to find comfort in food.  I thought this would have passed by now.

6.  My skin IS much clearer.  I hate it when other people are right.

7.  I suppose my sweet tooth has changed somewhat.  I gave one of my AUUUHHHMAZE Balls to my friend to taste and she was not terribly impressed (really kind of hated them).  To me they are the BEST!

8.  Meal planning is much easier.  It always seemed so daunting in the past but now that I’ve been doing it for three weeks, it’s better.  I cooked pork chops the other night, even.  Look at me!  I don’t feel as intimidated as I did before about cooking certain foods and I actually have some energy to put things together in the evening times.  Plus, I can look at something in the fridge and figure out a meal from those ingredients.

this is what it used to fee like

9.  It’s been a really good segway to the FODMAP diet.  I’ll be switching over to that when the Whole30 is over and it won’t require a terrible number of changes, which is nice.

10.  I certainly don’t think this is an easy process.  I’ve been having food dreams.  One night it was some chinese take out and another night a giant burger.  Last night it was some kind of coffee drink.  Then I wake up kind of freaked out that I blew it.

11.  I truly thought I was going to HAVE to cheat at some point in order to make it.  I’m happy I haven’t despite wanting to!  They don’t really mention too much about managing cravings  during women’s cycles and I think if they added some info it would be helpful.  That was a trying time for sure!

12. I don’t believe “I’ve got this in the bag” or that the remaining days will be all easy as pie – yum, PIE.  I’m determined though.  I am going to start making a menu for next week (aside from Thanksgiving, which still boggles my mind that it’s here) to make sure I don’t hover food for the sake of hovering.  Food is fuel only – right?!


2 thoughts on “less is more

  1. FODMAP drove me crazy, mad props to you for getting though Whole30 so far. I have contemplated it many times. My doctors seem clueless so why not? But I don’t think I can do it. FODMAP did bring on the realization that apples are not my friend which I only have troubles with this time of year- Honeycrisps look so yummy.

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