snow days are the best days

Guess what day it is?!  It’s a snow day!  Seriously, even though I’m in my 30’s working in higher ed still allows me to enjoy the day “off”. Technically I don’t get the whole day away BUT, I’m in sweatpants so it works.

I’m utilizing the day to advance cook a few things for the rest of the week. My auuhmaze balls are almost gone & even though the breakfast cookies weren’t super great in the beginning, they tasted better as time went on. I also put them in the fridge, which helped. Then I will be cooking some meat. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten so much meat in my entire life in such a short period of time. On the docket are some delish hot dogs, almond flour salmon, some dates wrapped in bacon & something with a couple of steaks I have. I’ll say it again-this meal planning deal is nifty.

In non-whole30 news.

I have a 5k this wkend. It’s a local turkey trot & I’m looking forward to it. I am slightly concerned about the weather but whatever. I’m MORE concerned about my lack of running as of late!  Where has all my motivation gone?!  Ok, so it’s safe to say it was sub par to begin with but now it simply qualifies as lackluster.

I still haven’t been to our new Costco & I’m feeling really left out. My plan was to go today but my car is a giant snowball & this past Thursday we had out first big snow storm. My car played “let’s go sledding!” So it’s home for me.

Simon also loves snow days.

Snow day

Tomorrow morning I am charged with bringing lovely-surgery-gluten-donuts to our business meeting. 4 dozen to be exact. It happens I’m in charge of the committee for this sort of thing & I have more time in the morning than others. THEN I get to sit around as my co-workers get to enjoy the deliciousness of said donuts. While the history books don’t support my theory, I think this is some form of medieval torture. I’m guessing it’s so horrifying that they couldn’t bear to document it.

My co-workers hovering donuts

Lastly, I spent some time googling celiac disease this morning. It happens that this snow day fell on a good day since I’m not feeling very well & I’m trying to moderate my sick leave. In addition to other unfortunate diseases, celiac can be a contributing factor to epilepsy, migraines, ADHD, depression & anxiety. There are more but these are things that play a major role in my life so I was taken aback. Even gluten sensitivity can foster the migraines, ADHD, depression & anxiety. My bro-in-law does most of the cooking in the house & it’s all paleo meals so this means my sis does too. She said her migraine frequency has gone down considerably & even when she does get a headache it isn’t as bad. Since gluten issues run the fam, this is certainly something I’m considering for long term changes. Even if my test results are a negative for full on celiac, from my reading it’s harder to rule out the sensitivity. Clearly I have lots to consider.

Celiac disease sufferers out there-please tell me some of your tales of healing!

and gluten sensitivity folks-please send me some good progress reports!



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