a shark, a pie crust and stuffing walking into a bar…

Happy Thanksgiving!  A few days late for sure, but I feel the sentiment can be true for the duration of the weekend.

why didn’t I think of this for my bug?!

I had a nice thanksgiving-you?  I managed to keep it gluten-free, which was a lot more challenging than I originally anticipated.  Shopping was stressful as I mentioned & while I was making the stuffing I truly wanted to call it off & give into the gluten!  Just use those perfect breadcrumbs to bind this all together for a magical Thanksgiving feast.

But I refrained. I cut up a loaf of gluten-free bread & dried the bread crumbs.  FYI if you ever do this then give it longer than you think.  I ended up putting them in the oven at 200-250 degrees to finish drying them out.  Overall, my stuffing wasn’t as good as it has been in the past but it will be a work in progress.

my sister and dear friend both posted this on my fb page - obviously they know my hatred for this word
my sister and dear friend both posted this on my fb page – obviously they know my hatred for this word

Turkey?  Kicked some seriously tasty ass<— weird sentence but totally true.  And I used a carving technique I saw on Facebook.  Funny enough things I didn’t consider-dull knives are a danger!  So are my “knife skills”.  Great Scott, I almost took out my spleen.  Then there was the lack of mention of how to avoid burning my finger tips off or the RIVER of turkey of fat/juices that managed to overrun my counter top!  All of this aside, it was a very handy method & I will use it again in the future.  It made me feel all Food Network-like.

When my sister offered advice on how not to get overwhelmed with my new thanksgiving diet, she told me to pinpoint what recipes were important for my feast and concentrate on those.  Pumpkin pie was certainly on this list.  I decided crafting my own pie crust was key since Pillsbury has yet to jump on the gluten-free train.  I waited though & finally did it last night – or at least made the dough.  It has been chilling in my fridge as I’ve read this is really helpful.  I also heard from various interweb master pie crust makers that using a combo of water/vodka is the way to go.  Someone even suggested vanilla vodka for a sweeter taste.  My next venture will be to try this one out.  The other pie crust is going to be used for turkey pot pie-currently in the works.

cheers B-Dubs

And then I purchased a Shark vacuum. Yay!  I get ridiculously excited for new appliances & this one didn’t disappoint.  The other night I vacuumed my living room & realized every time I vac with my big vac I have to go back over it with my mini one too in order to pick up Simon’s hair.

I broke out the new bad boy 10 mins after getting home & it was super great!  Excitement abounds!

Restful weekend filled with TV, laundry, baking & even a bit of working out. Oh & the Whole30 results?  I lost 10lbs.  I’m slightly concerned about maintaining this weight loss so now it’s time to add in some physical activity as I am getting better with my food choices.  This remains to be seen…

P.S. Red Robin is the place to go for gluten-free eating.  They were amazing in a non-judgey way…  Enjoy the last of your weekend!

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