coffee conundrum

Alright, let’s talk some coffee…

It’s no secret, one aspect of the Whole30 that drove me bonkers was the lack of a satisfying cup of joe in the morn.  I lamented endlessly to anyone who would listen (or at least pretend to listen) and on this blog.  I was certain once the 30 days ended (or 31 in my case as I can’t count) I would be basking in the rays of a coffee nirvana.

HA!  Joke’s on me!

My first day of “real coffee” I went out to Baskin’ and Robbins for my favorite drink.  If any one you have had it, it’s the mocha blast, made with fat-free frozen yogurt.  I even got up an hour early for work to make this happen.  This was an overzealous first introduction back to dairy on my part.  Sure, I need to integrate some of the former eliminated foods back into my diet but what is essentially a coffee milkshake may not have been the best way to do it.  And my stomach concurred.  I was only able to drink half and then I enjoyed some tummy upset for several hours.  Boo.

The next day, I went for a blend of low-fat 1/2 and 1/2 with some lactose free 2% milk.  It was drinkable but not very good.  I even added in some caramel syrup to no avail.  This coffee reunion was not filling my expectations one bit.

Thursday morning, I went ahead and opened one of my Coffeemate Creamer bottles that I still had left from before.  I mixed it with the lactose free milk and was very careful with regards to the serving size of said delicious Samoa Girl Scout Cookie flavor.  Still a no-go.  I was distraught.  I went through all of these trial and error coffee enhancements during the first part of the Whole30 and it was frustrating to go through it again.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering what I tried during those first few weeks.  I blended some almond milk with coconut milk.  Not great.  I used almond milk with cocoa, another fail.  Then this with coconut milk and again – boo.  I found a recipe to blend dates and coconut milk – this was disgusting.  I used just the coconut milk fat – what was I thinking?!  Finally, I just used almond milk and I counted down the days by saying, “only x many cups of bad coffee to go”.

Anyway, yesterday, I used a recipe found here at Craving Comfort.  This included one can of evaporated milk mixed with one can of condensed milk.  I also used a vanilla coffee blend.  Both milks were of the low-fat variety but still the condensed milk packs a wallop in the calorie category.  After a long search I found this cool site Recipe Calculator/SparkRecipe, that lets you put in your ingredients/servings of your homemade foods and figure out what the calorie count is per serving.  Based on these calculations I figured that I could get a decent cup in the 150-180 calorie range; a drastic decrease from my former 330+ drinks.  I am measuring it out though (a little less than a 1/3 of a cup) and will continue to do so in order to keep my love of the sugar corralled.

There you go.  My coffee woes have been documented.  Silly perhaps,  to reference this as a “woe” but to me it is.  It was my saving grace for all of the effort and it failed to perform.  In the famous words of good old Celine Dion, “my (coffee) heart will go on”.

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