I was active!

Edited:  I wrote this yesterday and somehow forgot to hit publish… just know I’m writing about Tuesday eve.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about working out much as of late.  Why?  Because it hasn’t been happening.

At all.

beautiful Dean gif

Don’t get me wrong – I have LOADS of excuses and most of them are even valid.  For instance, last week?  I struggled to get back into a routine and failed.  Miserably.  The thing is, I’m getting restless and jealous of blog/facebook/twitter posts that talk about running.  I’m starting to get the running bug again, which is welcomed.  Then our local pool is finally open.  Turns out when a pool springs a leak (giant hole) it takes a bit to get it up and running again.

Yesterday I decided to go for it. I packed my swim bag at lunch. Office mate said its 90% prep & 10% execution but that ratio is way off for me. I’ve changed into my running clothes & then sat on the couch. BUT the couch didn’t win last night!

in all my swim cap glory!

So, I went swimming!  Wahoo!  Last week, I tried on my two speedo suits and both fit.  One is a size smaller than the other and while I like a tighter fit (a hail back to my hs swim team days) I want to get more use out of the older/larger one.  I found out at the pool that the looser one has lost a bit elasticity in the bum area but I made it work.

Anyway, it was great.  Hard of course, but still it felt good to be gliding through the water again.  Dr. Ascot keeps saying I need to find more ways to de-stress and he doesn’t feel running is the best option for me.  I don’t necessarily agree but since I can’t seem to get into yoga right now, swimming fits Dr. Ascot’s requirements.  I also don’t plan on quitting the running side of life – it’s a part of me and I’m missing it.  Swimming seems to balance running well, in my opinion, and gives me exercise that is more soothing.

apparently this doesn’t meet the criteria either

As mentioned, it was tough.  My arms were already “feeling” it as I got out if the pool.  I did a total of 40 mins & I’m estimating between 35-36 of those were spent being active.  My goal is to make it for 45 mins-maybe even an hour & this will take some time.  I also looked up some YouTube videos to see how to better my technique.  I’m certain I was literally dragging ass last night-I need to get my hips up & more involved in both kicking & rotating.  It’s a good challenge.  One of the main reasons I bought a fitness tracker – oh yeah, did I mention I completely caved?! – was because I found one that is water proof and tracks the activity.  I love this.

I have a tentative schedule in mind for swimming and running.  I would even love to start running outside again.  This has been a great winter for running outside – until last week.  I didn’t take advantage of it at all.  Even though I felt guilty about it, I also knew my health needed to come first.  When my stomach riots it’s nice be inside.  Now it’s a million degrees below zero  sooo… I’m going to wait a bit!  Wimpy MI runner right here!  My inner WA is showing.
So, I defeated the couch.  My new twitterer tag will be #deniedthecouch whenever I go get in motion.  I hope to use it a lot.

deny or this could probably happen

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