can GERD & FODMAP live happily ever after?

I had my follow-up appt for my stomach with regards to my scopes. I wasn’t really too nervous rather I wanted it done & over with.

I met with Dr. Ascot’s PA who is quite the loopy woman. Not in a bad way but so opposite from Dr. Ascot that I was taken aback.  Anyway, my diagnosis is chronic/atrophic gastritis & I think some IBS. More in the uncertainty on the latter diagnosis in a moment.

The chronic/atrophic gastritis essentially means I have chronic high levels of acid that makes me feel crummy. The atrophic part means I’ve eroded parts of my stomach lining with said acid.  Boo.  I’m surprised by how much this bothers me – maybe it makes me kind so sad?  She said I have a “crater” in my stomach which is where the acid likes to create a tide pool of sorts. I don’t have a baby ulcer more of a zygote of an ulcer.

The help for this is prescription acid reducer & following the GERD diet.  I asked a lot of questions & during this, she also referred to my IBS.  Well, I didn’t ask enough questions like, “are these two different?” as it would have really helped!

The reason I’m still not sure about the IBS piece, despite her several references to it/me, is it’s not listed on my diagnosis page.  The prescribed fixes are, colon probiotic, fiber, and mirilax, all of which I am now taking but those three little letters weren’t there. So, again, I’m confused.

While I have some meds that are supposed to help, the aforementioned GERD diet was strongly encouraged & I already mentioned I was following a low FODMAP & was gluten-free. She was pleased with my proactive choices so far.  I also need to exercise more along with the new diet.  The problem is, these two diets (FODMAP/GERD) are different-some things are ok/allowed on one & not the other.  I realize I’m whining but Thurs/Fri I was flustered on how to marry these two together.
For instance my beloved tomatoes, chocolate, bacon & coffee are listed as foods to avoid on the GERD list.  FODMAP says these are good to go.  FODMAP says to part ways with yogurt & some other dairy & these same are greeted with open arms on GERD.  (By the way?  Heavy doses of dairy hate me at the moment so this is out anyway).  I realize I will be able to start to figure this out; I’m confident in this.  But right now, I can feel myself superseding one diet over the other depending on what I want to eat.  This sounds dangerous, no?!

I should admit, some coffee is okay just not strongly recommended & needs to be ONE a day.  Not adding a second one like I did as I was leaving the appt – hey I was emotional!  Nevertheless, I want to utilize food as much as possible to help ease the discomfort rather than having to increase meds even further in the future.  I want to make nutty PA proud!

This whole weekend sucked.  I woke up feeling full everyday and never felt any better.  Nothing settled well and even the bland food wasn’t helping.  I felt sick, bloated & FULL.  Want to hear something messed up? I will feel this full feeling & also feel hungry at the same time at different points. Messed up stomach, messed up.

Anyway, my PA told me all of this would vary throughout my life.  Some days/years what my GI system can handle will alter & then they will become mortal enemies.  She said the acid reducer should help with some of this along with the other pieces.  This also includes how much I can eat.  To be honest, in the after hours of this appt I wasn’t feeling very optimistic.  These issues have robbed me of several months of feeling good physically/emotionally/psychologically.  BUT since attempting to take more control over my symptoms, I do feel more powerful; being proactive is a huge help.
So I got on the treadmill anyway this weekend, even though I felt like crap.  Because movement is movement right?  Walking is better than sitting & I’m trying to be a good patient!  I also need to get out of the habit of babying my crabby ass GI system!  Sorry GI tract, but we are going to share control of this here body, got it?

And GERD & FODMAP will live happily ever after…

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